Mazda CX-5 2.2 Sport Nav review: new crossover tested in a UK

Right, this new Mazda CX-5. Crossover, or SUV?

Good question. It’s a bluff, tough-looking appurtenance with a proper, old-school BMW-style sharknose form to a front, and we can have a four-wheel expostulate system, so a intelligent income says SUV. It’s usually that bit too butch to be a crossover. Then again, a front-drive indication – a one we’re contrast – is some-more efficient, cheaper and positively fits many crossover-bent folks needs. There is no off-road bias, no hill-descent this or adding-depth that. All yet a many paranoid about winter cold snaps and British summer drizzle should feel safe.

So, it’s on a rough-tough finish of crossover, then?

Tell we what, not once you’re adult inside a CX-5. The altogether cabin blueprint is flattering many accurately a same as a aged car’s – a meridian controls have been carried over, and we still get dual earthy instrument dials and one practical one. But atop a new ‘3D’ atmosphere vents, there’s a standalone ‘floating’ shade to provoke all of we that consider screens should be integrated into a dashboard. This redesign drops a rest of a lurch lower, so prominence is softened and we feel a bit some-more regal. More Range Rover-ish, adult high with a ‘proper’ SUVs.

The materials are of a distant aloft peculiarity than a ropey plastics in a aged CX-5. The ‘is it wood/is it visitor skin?’ trim of a Sport Nav automobile is a bit suspect, yet a leather’s movable and feels like it competence indeed have once been trustworthy to a cow, a seats themselves are comfortable, a pushing position sound and a ergonomics flattering peerless, actually. It’s a well-designed place to spend time, and there’s space for 3 passengers opposite a back, and six-foot adults behind six-foot adults. 

Infotainment is as usual, a bugbear. Come on Mazda, a new complement double-quick, please. The nav gets lost, a DAB vigilance drops off some-more mostly than a hungover tyro and a shade itself has an in. of vacant bezel during both ends, like an early smartphone. As a focal indicate in an differently unequivocally pleasing cockpit, it’s a letdown.

What about pushing it? Does a CX-5 feel all high and ungainly then?

Actually, this is (yet) another Mazda that doesn’t usually expostulate good – it drives a damn steer improved than it particularly needs to. 

How so?

It’s sure-footed and fast for a high car, yet can be coaxed along during a fast lick yet removing out of sorts. That right there is flattering many a family automobile holy grail, either you’re a crossover, SUV, induce or anything else. 

The CX-5 corners yet undue roll, a steers accurately, a float is glorious during smothering bad surfaces – some-more so than a aged car, that was equally stretchable yet infrequently felt like a wheels and tyres weighed some-more than a physique they were trustworthy to – and even a gearchange is sharp and weighty, prohibited hatch-style. The CX-5 and Seat Ateca mount unapproachable as a crossover-UVs that you’d indeed shortlist quite for being fun to drive. But with those large tyre sidewalls, a Mazda’s got an additional covering of comfort. 

Engine any good?

More efficient, certainly. A integrate of years ago we spent a few months using around in a CX-5 2.2, and it available a unaffected 38mpg many of a time. That was substantially nobbled by a framework being so suddenly good, so it tended to get driven quicker than is common for a diesel propagandize bus. Well, several days of identical diagnosis for a new 148bhp CX-5 returned 45mpg, and usually a right volume of punch to make motorway cruising effortless. Just as well, given this is a usually diesel option, finish with 280lb ft and good for 0-62mph in 9.4 seconds. we think a other energy choice, a 163bhp petrol, will onslaught for a miss of turbocharged torque. 

It’s even pretty polite, this 2.2-litre diesel. It revs as uniformly as we could substantially wish a four-pot turbodiesel to spin, and yet it’s not as inside as an Audi Q5 (little else is), it’d confuse a Merc GLC for engine noise, quivering and harshness. Just anther pointed approach a CX-5 doesn’t play we over, yet earns your resect as a unequivocally solid all-rounder. 

Straight to a tip of a category then, for Mazda?

It’s right adult there, a CX-5, yet there is that gloomy clarity that a CX-5 will usually be adult your travel if a priorities determine with yours. Yes, it is really good to drive, and acquits itself rather professionally on trashy roads. Thing is, for identical income as this £28,695 CX-5 Sport Nav, we can now have a Skoda Kodiaq with identical apparatus yet a combined application of 7 seats. No CX-5 offers this large-family swallowing ability, and if you’re after a scrupulously stretchable family car, carrying some-more newcomer ability competence pitch it over creation certain a motorist is pleasantly surprised. 

As distant as five-seater rivals go, however, this CX-5 has got a mainstream set lonesome off. More upmarket and improved laid out than a Ford Kuga, some-more polished than an Nissan X-Trail or Kia Sportage, and, improved sorted to expostulate than a rest. It’s another sensitively good Mazda, that has, for a time being, lost how to make a bad car. 

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