Mazda Cuts Miata Cup Hardtop Pricing by 30 Percent to Appease …

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is dear both in a racing village as good as for a weekend fan driver. Thanks to a affordable price, sporty design, and flexible handling, a Miata is a ideal approach to slip into a motorsports universe but going pennyless or looking ridiculous.

Mazda offers a track-only removable hardtop for a competition community, creatively labelled during $4,420 for a redesigned Miata. Understandably, many racers were dissapoint with a dear part, so Mazda fast worked to revoke a cost. Now, teams can squeeze a track-only removable hardtop for $3,085.00—30 percent cheaper than a strange price. (Unfortunately, though, this does not interpret to any aftermarket tools for travel Miatas, only a MX-5 Cup.)

“Thanks to tough work by a engineers and vendors, we are happy to announce a reduced cost for a MX-5 Cup’s accessible hardtop, providing business an even larger value for what is already one of a best bangs for a sire in motorsports today,” said David Cook, business growth manager, Mazda Motorsports.

The Mazda MX-5 is now a many raced car in a U.S. outnumbering all other cars on a track.

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