Matt Lauer Drives New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle |

Matt Lauer has a new ride.

Lauer, 60, was speckled pushing around on his mint Harley-Davidson progressing final week. In a photo, taken on Friday, a former Today uncover anchor cruises around a Hamptons on his china and black bike.

He was dressed accidentally for a afternoon outing, wearing a span of blue jeans with a relating sweatshirt. He also wore a protecting helmet on his head.

Lauer has been lying low in a Hamptons given being dismissed from a Today uncover after allegations of inapt passionate function in a workplace— and a source tighten to him recently told PEOPLE that he remains “truly devastated” over a conditions that finished his career.

Matt Lauer

In May, a network released a news about a scandal. The inner investigation, that was led by NBCUniversal ubiquitous warn Kim Harris, focused on 4 complainants’ allegations and resulted from scarcely 70 interviews with stream and former employees and over 30 concentration groups with 262 stream employees.

In a initial paragraphs of a report, a review group states that Lauer “admitted to enchanting in passionate activity” with the anonymous woman whose allegations stirred his firing.

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Lauer also certified to – and apologized for — saying NBC staffers romantically during his reign during a network.

“Five months ago we was consummated by NBC after revelation to past relations with co-workers. A day after we took responsibility, apologized to a people we had harm and betrothed to start a routine of repair a repairs we had caused my family. we have worked each day given afterwards to respect that promise,” he pronounced in a matter to PEOPLE in April.

Matt Lauer

“I have done no open comments on a many fake stories from unknown or inequitable sources that have been reported about me over these past several months – including a explain that we would, or even could, close someone in my office. we remained wordless in an try to strengthen my family from serve annoyance and to revive a tiny grade of a remoteness they have lost,” Lauer continued.

“But fortifying my family now requires me to pronounce up. we entirely acknowledge that we acted inappropriately as a husband, father and principal during NBC. However we wish to make it ideally transparent that any allegations or reports of coercive, assertive or violent actions on my part, during any time, are positively false,” he concluded.

Earlier this month, a source told PEOPLE this week that Lauer and his mother are “barely speaking.” They have 3 kids together.

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