Massive Fire Destroys Nissan GT-R Tuner RB Motorsport’s …

From a looks of their Facebook page, RB Motorsports has depressed on some tough times. According to reports, a U.K.-based Japanese tuning emporium held glow this past Friday, critically deleterious their room and destroying a vast series of Nissan GT-Rs in a process. 

Facebook cinema from RB Motorsports and Lancaster Fire and Rescue Service uncover all from an R32 GT-R to a code new R35 GT-R burned to a crisp, and strangely adequate a Ford Escort Cosworth as well. The images also uncover endless repairs to tools, lifts, and a whole structure of a building. It is misleading what form of word policies were taken out, though we wish RB Motorsports and a GT-R owners aren’t left in apocalyptic straights.

RB Motorsports sensitive business that they intend on eventually removing behind to normal operations, though there’s no word on a time support in that that could happen. This is really an hapless occurrence for a Japanese tuner village as Nissan R32 GT-Rs don’t accurately grow on trees.

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