Man charged in sharpened of a four-year-old child in Kansas City

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Four year aged strike by wandering bullet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. –  Prosecutors charged a male Sunday in tie with a sharpened of a four-year-old boy.

Ellery Beals is charged in Jackson County Court with wrong use of a weapon, attack and dual depends of armed rapist action.

Investigators contend dual people were sharpened during any other during a BP Gas Station circuitously a 3400 retard of Red Bridge Road.

Craig Brady was nearby.

“I went in there and afterwards all of a remarkable that man and lady in that Honda Odyssey van pulled in. Next thing we know I see a man using opposite a front door and we listened shots,” pronounced Brady.

During that shooting, a wandering bullet entered a behind of a home and harmed a 4-year-old boy.

The boy’s grandmother found him, saw his damage and rushed him to a hospital.

His injuries are non-life-threatening.

“First there were shots, and afterwards they stopped for a second… and afterwards there was some-more shots and we saw them,” pronounced Brady.

Police are looking for a second suspect.

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