Mahindra mulls branch Pininfarina into reward EV brand

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Pininfarina H2 Speed concept, 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Pininfarina H2 Speed concept, 2016 Geneva Motor Show

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Having acquired Pininfarina in late 2015, Indian automobile hulk Mahindra is now deliberation branch a Italian pattern organisation into a reward electric automobile brand.

The information was suggested by Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra to MarketWatch during final month’s 2017 Seoul automobile show. He also pronounced a initial indication could be a supercar.

“We’re exploring right now a intensity of building an electric supercar, that will be branded Pininfarina,” Mahindra said.

If approved, a supercar will expected be a prolongation chronicle of a H2 Speed concept denounced during a 2016 Geneva automobile show. Last August, Pininfarina CEO Silvio Pietro Angori pronounced 10 examples will be built during a cost of $2.5 million each.

The H2 Speed featured electric motors powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Based on Mahindra’s comments, it’s not transparent either a prolongation indication will keep a fuel dungeon or go with a battery.

The good news is that Mahindra wants Pininfarina-branded cars to be sole in a United States.

“Competing in a U.S. is like a aged Frank Sinatra strain that if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere,” he told MarketWatch. “So when we sell cars in a U.S., it army we to be a many competitive.”

This wouldn’t be a initial time that Pininfarina is venturing into automobile production. The Italian pattern organisation has built a series of cars for several automakers, a final being a Volvo C70.

Pininfarina has also dabbled in a universe of electric cars. Some readers will remember that Pininfarina helped French organisation Bolloré in a prior decade to rise a BlueCar electric induce used for automobile sharing.

As some-more automakers demeanour internally for new automobile designs, eccentric automotive pattern firms have been forced to find other avenues of growth. At a 2017 Geneva automobile show, opposition Italian pattern organisation Italdesign Giugiaro launched a automobile underneath a possess brand, a coachbuilt supercar dubbed a Italdesign Zerouno.

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