Luxuriate in This Mechanic’s Teardown of a 1974 Harley Davidson

If we wish to get to know something, rip it down. Not in a bullying, find-their-weakness sense. In a careful, solvent-soaked sense. That’s a proceed Canadian-born motorcycle automechanic Matt Dawe took with a 1974 Harley Davidson “Shovelhead” motorcycle he recently bought in upstate New York and hauled behind to his Brooklyn emporium in a behind of a friend’s van.

In this premiere part of WIRED’s new strange series, [De]constructed, Dawe takes detached a 44-year-old bike square by piece, starting with a seat. He washes any bit with kerosene to clean divided a douse and gunk, battles with nude bolts, and usually once resorts to a blunt force of a deadbolt hammer. By a end, a usually thing sitting on his dais is a Harley’s exposed frame.

The outcome is a 34-minute tour into a heart of a hog, during a finish of that you’ll know a whole garland some-more about motorcycles than we when a Shovelhead was intact. And don’t worry if you’re not into bikes or can’t keep adult with such elegant lingo as “I’m relocating a tip nuts of a flare tubes so they can slip out of a triple-tree.” The loyal fun in this video is a doctrine that complicated machines are terrifically formidable things, pressed with compensator nuts, purchase baskets, derby covers, and more. And after you’ve finished this one—it’s ok to watch it twice—check out some-more WIRED on our YouTube page, or on your really possess radio by our really possess OTT channel.

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