Listen to a 711bhp Nissan GT-R50 during Spa

Here’s Nissan’s GT-R50 judgment automobile during Spa. That judgment should make clarity to many of you, though if not, a little context.

First off, a Nissan GT-R isn’t accurately underpowered. It doesn’t humour from a necessity of horsepower nor torque, and nonetheless this has prevented precisely 0 humans from modifying a iconic Japanese sports coupe.

Nissan itself had a go final month, branch out a fantastic judgment car: a partnership between itself and Italdesign celebrating 50 years of both a GT-R name, and Italdesign’s.

The GT-R50 pumps out 711bhp around competition-spec turbos, bigger intercoolers, a heavy-duty crank, stronger pistons, rods and bearings, a new empty and improved cooling and oil systems. All good, solid engineering.

More so, a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 also managed 575lb ft. There’s no word on speed total though we think it’ll start with ‘very’.

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Nissan even announced that, should a humans of this universe hold a GT-R50 engaging adequate for purchase, it would build adult to 50, worldwide, tailored to any particular customer and with a starting cost of somewhere around €900k.

Now for a Spa bit. It’s one of a world’s best circuits, is unequivocally utterly frightful in places, tricky, and fast. Ahead of a Spa 24hrs, Nissan took out a one-off judgment for a run.

And we contingency listen to it. So, here’s Nissan’s GT-R50 judgment automobile at Spa.

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