Listen: The Non-GT-R Nissan Skylines Are Excellent Too

Photo Credits: Nissan

I have looked into your heart and we know who we are. You grew adult on Gran Turismo dreams, pitcturing a day when those radical Nissan Skyline GT-R speed machines would be authorised (and like, really legal) in a United States so we could expostulate so quick and so gloriously into your resplendent future. But! we am here to tell we that if you’re gratified to a GT-R alone, we are wrong.

Here’s a thing about a Nissan Skyline: it’s not so many a car, as it’s cars. There have been a lot of them in all conflicting shapes and sizes. Skyline is a long-running nameplate in Japan that dates behind to a Prince Motor Company in a 1950s, before it was acquired by Nissan a decade later. Over a years there have been all sorts of Skylines, including coupes, sedans, wagons and race cars. Technically, while a newest GT-R is a possess thing, a Infiniti Q50 is a Skyline, too.

Yeah man, an R30 Skyline wagon. Where is your God now?

Yet of them all, a GT-R variants tend to be a many desirable—the Hakosuka and Kenmeri Skylines of a 1970s for sure, though many generally a R32, R33 and R34 of a ’80s, ’90s and 2000s that so dominated a tuning stage and video games. This creates sense. The GT-R was typically a top-shelf Skyline, a one subsequent from motorsports and built out to implausible horsepower numbers by modifiers.

While it is excellent and good that a GT-R is so popular, it contingency be remembered that other variants of Skyline should not be ignored or created off. In fact, some of them are utterly desirable.

I contend this since of a 1998 Skyline GT-t sedan for sale on Vancouver Craigslist that came to my courtesy recently. we can't possess this automobile legally since it won’t be authorised in my nation for a few some-more years (remember, Canada’s import order binds to 15 years and not 25) though we wish we could. I’m kind of in love.

Photo credit Craigslist

This GT-t sedan (and it gets additional cold points for being a sedan) does not have a vaunted RB26DETT engine, though rather a smaller, singular turbo 2.5-liter RB25DET inline-six engine. It’s rear-wheel drive, not all-wheel expostulate like a GT-R. However, it does have a five-speed manual, four-wheel steering and in this sold car’s case, a beautiful list of teenager modifications.


That, my friends, is a neat car. Please find me a automobile that we can buy now that has all a following attributes:

  • Four doors
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • A five-speed manual
  • A turbocharged inline-six engine
  • Four-wheel steering

That’s right, we goddamn can’t. Because they don’t exist. All this for a intensely reasonable cost of $12,900 Canadian, or about $10,400 American. Not bad!

But you, associate American, can’t buy that even if we wanted to. Unless we stashed it in Canada, that is a lot of work. To infer my indicate further, here’s a 1991 Skyline GTS-T now for sale by a friends during Japanese Classics in Virginia. Five-speed manual, 2.0-liter turbo true six, rear-wheel drive, purrs like a kitten.


Will it give we a violent energy and intensity that a GT-R has? Nah, though there’s positively no contrition in owning such a vehicle. Very many a opposite. It’s interesting. It’s voluptuous and different. I’m certain it’s utterly fun to drive. And as we said, a Skyline has always been many some-more than usually a GT-R.

Remember, we don’t need a best chronicle of any automobile to have a good time. And a Skylines have such a rich, engaging story that’s usually commencement to be truly gifted in America. Anyone who scoffs during a ones that aren’t GT-Rs—and yes, we have seen this—is blank out.

In a meantime, I’ll see we out there on a road, in whatever normal-ass Skyline we select to make your own. You might even find a existence to be as honeyed as your dream.

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