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The Lexus LC drives as good as it looks, that is to contend that it drives unequivocally well. In fact, it’s substantially a favorite Lexus given a LFA, that in box we forgot, cost scarcely 4 times as many when new. Now, Lexus wants all of a cars to have some of a energetic season of a LC, and yes, that includes a new baby UX crossover it showed during Geneva.

At a show, we held adult with Chika Kako, Lexus’s initial womanlike arch operative and a lady who led growth of a UX, who suggested a engaging links between Lexus’ baby crossover and a flagship coupe. Frankly, she got us a lot some-more meddlesome in a UX than we were when we initial saw it.

“We are perplexing to have a same feeling in all a Lexus models starting from LC and LS,” Kako pronounced by a interpreter. “Even if we have totally opposite structures, we are always comparing with a LC.”

Kako used dual engaging difference to conclude a pushing characteristics Lexus is aiming for—clear and deep. I’ll let her explain what they meant in context.

“Clear means being really manageable to your inputs. . .a transparent steering feel where your submit translates directly to your output. Deep is some-more about carrying a secure feel and confidence.”

Lexus uses master “Takumi” drivers in a final stages of growth to make certain a tuning on all of a cars is only right. Kako told us that a Takumi who sealed off on a UX is a same man who gave final capitulation for a LC. And even Toyota boss Akio Toyoda—a penetrating racer himself—has to pointer off on any automobile before it reaches production.

In a box of a UX, Kako and her group directed for a some-more hatchback-esque pushing feel, benchmarking cars like a Audi A3, Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1-Series. The UX rides on a same height as a new Toyota CH-R though it uses aluminum via for lighter weight and a reduce core of gravity. Additionally, a UX has nine-percent some-more torsional acerbity than a CH-R and over half of a cessation components are bespoke.

Of course, we don’t design a tiny crossover with a four-cylinder engine and a CVT to expostulate like a magnificent, rear-drive V8-powered LC500—the UX won’t challenge a laws of physics. But, if it during slightest has some of a impression of a large coupe, it competence be improved than many subcompact oppulance SUVs.

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