Lexus Performance, crafted to a extreme

Crafting well-developed opening vehicles for oppulance automaker Lexus requires commissioning a prudent work of a Takumi masters. With during slightest 25 years of training, Takumi possess a singular mix of ability and spirit, have a passion for value and will stop during zero to grasp it.

This multiple of relentless courtesy to fact and high-performance is highlighted in Lexus’ new inhabitant selling campaign, rising today. The campaign, called “Performance, Crafted to a Extreme,” showcases a Lexus LC 500, RC F and GS F from prolongation to pavement, display how high tech public joined with Takumi poise yields impassioned enthusiasm on a road.

“At Lexus, we trust qualification is totalled not usually by product quality, though also by a peculiarity of a emotions it evokes,” pronounced Cooper Ericksen, Lexus clamp boss of marketing. “Takumi is a tip respect within Lexus’ engineering ranks – from endless lane testing, to titanium engine components, to aerodynamically sculpted bodies, perfected courtesy to fact is paid to any of Lexus’ high-performance vehicles.”

The selling debate includes dual 30-second TV spots, Crafted Extremes and Extreme Measures and one 60-second digital spot, Crafted Extremes – Extended Cut.” For a spots, Lexus partnered with tip flapping and Hollywood attempt motorist Rhys Millen and eminent automotive executive Ozan Biron. The prolongation organisation perceived unobstructed entrance to Lexus’ factories, that are routinely off-limits.

Lexus Takumi and a Rare Peek Inside a Factories
Among a 7,700 workers during a Miyata Lexus Plant in Kyushu, there are only 19 Takumi. Positioned as group leaders, they safety Lexus traditions and pass on profitable skills and processes, creation certain any aspect of any Lexus car is flawless.

“It has been said,” records Ericksen, “that cars are built by machines, though Lexus vehicles are built by people.”

The campaign’s spots and videos also offer a singular glance behind a scenes during Lexus’ Motomachi and Tahara factories, where a Lexus LC 500, RC F and GS F are built regulating a excellent materials and impassioned measures by Takumi.

Motomachi, where a LC 500 is assembled, is one of a many worldly factories in a universe and a trickery where a iconic LFA supercar was hand-crafted. Here, a prolongation line is probably unadulterated and embellished pristine white from building to roof to assistance workers concentration and safeguard that in a doubtful eventuality a partial is misplaced, it will be simply noticed. Rather than rest on robots and sensors, Takumi use their eyes, ears and hands to check any in. of a vehicles. They use a skills they acquired in a prolongation of a LFA – such as a growth of carbon-fiber components and a consultant hand-finishing – to make a LC according to a same peculiarity standards.

Once they have finished convention any LC 500, they put it by severe contrast including a 700-point investigation and a pushing exam during a factory’s on-site track. Every bit of their ability and pointing can be felt any time a engine is started.

Media Placements
The campaign’s TV spots will atmosphere during network and wire sports including a U.S. Open, in further to primary time, late night and wire programming. Additional elements of a “Performance, Crafted to a Extreme” debate embody digital and social, imitation ads in consumer and fan titles such as GQ, Fortune, Esquire and Road and Track, out of home and indicate of sale. In a initial for Lexus, a high-performance ads will seem on a JFK and DFW airports digital billboards, as good as singular locations such as high-end health clubs and elevators.

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