Lexus LFA antecedent spied lapping a Nurburgring with new bodywork

The Lexus LFA was a genuine engineering debate de force. Sure, it was stranded in growth ruin for years, and a 4.8-liter V10’s 552-horsepower outlay wasn’t super considerable when it came out, yet it integrated a ton of imagination Toyota gained from a F1 group in a early to midst 2000s. Unfortunately, it didn’t sell well. Last year, we found there were a few new models sitting on play lots, 5 years after a 500-model run ended. Still, it looks like Toyota might not have given adult on a thought of a race-derived flagship for Lexus, during slightest formed on this antecedent using around a Nürburgring this week.

At initial glance, a automobile graphic here looks like an LFA with a Nürburgring Package and some deception on a front and behind fenders. If we demeanour closely, we can see that a fenders are significantly wider than on a customary LFA. Based on a permit plate, this appears to be a same automobile with dual opposite sets of wheels. Lexus might simply be swapping out ragged tires, or they might be contrast opposite circle and tire combinations to fit a wider circle wells.

Anything over this is only speculation. There have been rumors of a new flagship Lexus sports car that sits atop a LC 500 and LC 500h. We saw a Toyota GR Super Sport Concept behind in January, yet that automobile looks zero like what we see here. As most as we would adore that honeyed Yamaha co-developed V10 to lift over, we’re not holding the breath. Some arrange of hybrid powertrain is roughly a certainty. Maybe Lexus and Toyota could lift some tech from a Le Mans-winning TS050 Hybrid competition car.

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