Lexus LC 500 Coupe: Touch and go!!!

The Italians are righteously famous for delivering high character in high-performance cars, though they have critical hurdles on both fronts from a all-new 2018 Lexus LC 500 Coupe.

This is a stunner stylistically, one that turns heads parked or speeding down a highway. In fact, it looks as if it’s speeding even when it’s parked. The sparkly black execution of a Lexus “spindle” grille gets right in your face and a behind fenders demeanour like a robust haunches of a champion Percheron breeze horse.

Moreover, a LC 500, from a oppulance multiplication of Japan’s Toyota, does have a performance, along with a guarantee of mythological Lexus reliability, to tempt a specialized cadre of buyers—people who can means to buy outright, financial or franchise a automobile with a $105,614 cost tag.

That’s a as-delivered plaque on a LC 500 tested for this review. The bottom price, $92,995, is roughly as daunting. But it comes with a potpourri of opening engineering and oppulance enhancements.

Start with a energy train: a 471-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 398 pound-feet of torque to a behind wheels by a 10-speed involuntary delivery with a primer change mode around magnesium paddles on a steering wheel.

It is adequate to propel a 4,280-pound coupe to 60 miles an hour in about 4.5 seconds, depending on a ability of a driver. Top speed, as published by Lexus, is governed during 168 miles an hour.

The LC 500 is purpose-built for behind-the-wheel thrills, so it has small in a approach of practicality. The shoal case has usually 5 cubic feet of volume.

A two-door, four-passenger coupe, it is what used to be called a “Plus Two,” that means it has dual scarcely obsolete seats in back. Moreover, a designers have not even done a bid to make them simply accessible. The front seats pierce usually so distant forward, requiring gymnastic contortions to get behind there, where there’s small space anyway.

Up front is another story. Comfortable seats, upholstered in exhilarated and ventilated alcantara cloth embellished with leather, broach glorious support for hustling around towering curves and comfort for long-distance cruising. The alcantara cloth also is used for a headliner.

Even during that, however, entrance and exit by a front doors takes a bit of effort. Drivers with large feet will be challenged to pitch in a left feet unless a doorway is entirely open. Once there, we are cosseted low in oppulance sports automobile surroundings.

As partial of a $5,960 opening package — as if it indispensable one — we are treated to active rear-wheel steering, carbon-fiber roof and doorway sills and an active behind spoiler. Other options get we 21-inch fake wheels, a head-up display, blind-spot monitoring, behind cross-traffic warning and a stratospheric 915-watt Mark Levinson audio system.

But that’s frosting on a juicy taste with mixture that embody energetic radar journey control, pre-collision with walking detection, lane-keeping showing and assist, and involuntary headlights.

With all a reserve and oppulance touches, a LC 500’s clever fit is a pushing experience, prolonged on fad and brief on anxiety. Like all such opening and super cars, however, it can be frustrating since there’s nowhere we can legally expostulate this appurtenance anywhere nearby a designed potential. Without a competition track, a best we can do is suffer it in brief bursts.

There are 6 driver-selectable pushing modes, starting with Eco. Why that would be critical on a automobile like this is a puzzle, nonetheless there also is a apart Snow environment for easier acceleration on sleazy surfaces. Others are Comfort, Normal, Custom, Sport and Sport Plus. The former settings concede we to expostulate a LC 500 as a well-spoken boulevardier with a comparatively decent float and inaudible shifts.

But name Sport Plus, all tightens up. The float gets choppy and a stifle acts like a hair-trigger. Shifts occur now and with crackling power from a V8 engine. There’s involuntary engine rev-matching on downshifts, regardless of either you’re in involuntary or a manual-shift mode.

A entertaining hold shade in a core of a lurch conveys information about navigation, audio and other infotainment functions. However, it is tranquil by a hold pad on a console identical to a one on your laptop computer.

But don’t try personification with it while underway. Even changing radio stations requires we to concentration on a shade while utilizing a hold pad. Pull over, get set adult and afterwards pierce out for joyous driving.


Model: 2018 Lexus LC 500 two-door, four-passenger coupe.
Engine: 5.0-liter V8, 471 hp, 398 lb-ft torque.
Transmission: 10-speed involuntary with primer change mode and rear-wheel drive.
Overall length: 15 feet 7 inches.
EPA passenger/trunk volume: 81/5 cubic feet.
Weight: 4,280 pounds.
EPA city/highway/combined fuel consumption: 16/26/19 mpg.
Base price, including end charge: $92,995.
Price as tested: $105,614.


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