Lexus’ uninformed king of grand touring: The LC 500 – Philly

A integrate of years ago, a Lexus executive told me that business were commencement to ask for some-more style, a bit some-more pizzazz.

Toyota boss Akio Toyoda took that suspicion even further, vouchsafing a word go out to his Toyota and Lexus fiefdoms that a company’s cars shouldn’t be only reliable, gentle ways to get from Point A to Point B. They should also be something that one could get vehement about and aspire to. His approach emphasized a need to conduct dullness from a Lexus label.

One approach to do that is with a beautiful GT, like a LC 500, Lexus’ uninformed king of grand touring.

This new further to a Lexus line is a quintessential grand furloughed car, right down to a prolonged hood/short rug proportions. As a loyal GT, it provides plenty performance, yet with an importance on comfort and luxury. The thought is to build a automobile that will run all day during high speeds and leave we during eventide feeling as if you’ve had a provide instead of a treatment. The LC 500 checks all of those GT boxes.

With a starting cost nudging 6 digits, not too many folks will be experiencing a LC 500 treat. Lexus expects 2018 U.S. sales to come in around 4,800. Of those, about 3,800 will be a gas V-8 indication we spent a week with (base cost $92,000). The rest would be a hybrid variant, that tacks $4,500 on a tag.

For openers a LC 500 is, by trait of a proportions and sculpture, one beautiful coupe. My sole cultured argue with it is a signature Lexus grille. we don’t like that large, wasp-waisted presence, but, then, many people apparently do.

The physique pattern is as kinetic as it is comely. The LC 500 looks as yet it’s surging past another automobile during Le Mans even when it’s resting during a curb.


The poetic extraneous is a tough act to follow, yet a interior manages. The one in a exam automobile was an imaginative, strange pattern that blew me away.

The seats were really well-bolstered. Broad-beamed drivers might not be as happy with them, yet we favourite a approach we was kept in my place during desirous cornering.

Things get a bit close in this four-seat coupe abaft of a front buckets, generally in a headroom department. Trunk space is a decidedly hardhearted 5.4 cubic feet.

Driving a LC 500 proves pleasant on each front. It is, initial of all, utterly fast. Zero to sixty is achieved in underneath 5 seconds. That kind of quick movement is probable even yet a LC 500 is a bit on a round side. (Despite a use of aluminum in a hood, doorway skins, front fenders, and front cessation and startle towers a automobile weights in during 4,300 pounds.)

That weight is combated by a 471 horsepower engendered by a big-bicep 5-liter V-8, that sends a good knowledge to a back wheels around a sharp 10-speed automatic. (This engine employs an surprising engineering fold in that it utilizes both approach and pier injection to maximize performance.)

Handling is also a opening plus. The automobile is a fun when a approach gets wiggly; it stays staid and prosaic in quick turns.

Despite a jaunty cessation tuning, a LC 500 turns out to be a well-spoken and still cruiser. Exercising a right feet amply elicits a V-8 engine note that is pleasant rather than intrusive.

The steering is surprisingly communicative. Who would design an honest-to-goodness highway feel in this age of assisted steering? The braking system, starring 15.7-inch front discs pinched by 6 piston calipers, close things down as fast as we can say: 60 to 0 in 114 feet.

2018 Lexus LC 500
Base price: $92,000
As tested: $105,375
Standard equipment: 5-liter engine, 10-speed involuntary rigging box, back expostulate and a litany of reserve wiring and hedonism trimming from radar journey control and line depart warning to heated, ventilated, leather-trimmed, 10-way energy front seats
Options: Include 21-inch amalgamate wheels ($2,650), a opening package ($5,960) that includes back steering and active back spoiler, and a 915-watt Mark Levinson sound complement ($1,220)
Fuel economy: 16 MPG city, 26 highway (premium gas)
Engine performance: Quite spirited
Handling: Excellent
Ride quality: Good
Styling: Lovely
Warranty: 4 years, 50,000 miles, bumper-to-bumper
4 Bens: Excellent

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