Lexus Achieves Two Podium Finishes During Round Two of 2018 AUTOBACS SUPER GT 500 Series – Al

Lexus LC 500

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Continuing a overwhelming opening during a 2018 AUTOBACS SUPER GT 500 series, Lexus claimed dual lectern finishes in a second turn of a GT 500 class, hold recently during a Fuji Speedway. The No. 39 Lexus LC 500 DENSO KOBELCO SARD, co-piloted by Heikki Kovalainen and Sho Tsuboi, finished second, while a No. 38 Lexus LC 500 ZENT CERUMO, driven by Yuji Tachikawa and Hiroaki Ishiura, scored third place in a closely-fought 500-km race.

The competition was an eventful one, in that a No. 36 Lexus LC 500 au TOM’S, driven by James Rossiter and Yuhi Sekiguchi, and a No. 6 Lexus LC 500 WAKO’S 4CR, with Kazuya Oshima and Felix Rosenqvist during a wheel, also cumulative fourth and fifth places in a race, respectively.

“I honour a teams on their superb performance. These lectern finishes supplement to a proven lane record in motorsports. The DNA from a racing products filters down to a prolongation vehicles, assisting us to rise ever-better cars, by harnessing innovations in opening and reserve to serve raise a pushing knowledge of a valued customers.” pronounced Yugo Miyamoto, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation. “I would also like to demonstrate my frank thankfulness to all a dedicated fans for their consistent support and support of a racing initiatives.”

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