Lawmakers Push Harley Davidson as Official State Motorcycle …

DICKSON CITY, Pa. — Mountain laurel, a ruffed grouse, and Harley Davidson could shortly all have something in common.

There’s an bid in Harrisburg to make a Harley a central state motorcycle of Pennsylvania.

Every motorcycle in Electric City Harley Davidson’s salon in Dickson City is done in York County.

“The birthright of Harley Davidson comes by Pennsylvania, so as we were observant before, they’re built right down a highway that is awesome. They’re creatively from Milwaukee, though with a prolongation right here in York, we consider it’s a good thing for a state,” pronounced Justin Hunold, Electric City Harley Davidson.

That special eminence could be done after this year if lawmakers in Harrisburg pass a check to make Harleys a central state bike.

It’s Francis Gurnari’s bike of choice.

“It should be. It’s American, Harley Davidson. It’s United States of America,” Gurnari said.

The bill’s swell comes with engaging timing when there’s a lot of speak about Harley Davidson’s general production.

President Trump has criticized a code for determining to pierce some-more prolongation abroad to equivocate tariffs from other countries. Gurnari doesn’t consider that creates Harley any reduction American.

“With a economy a approach it is nowadays, and with all a sanctions and things like that, and all a tariffs, what do we design to do? $2,000 some-more for a motorcycle when they can go over and furnish it in Europe? Those people have only a right to get a deals on Harley Davidsons that a United States of America gets,” pronounced Gurnari.

He thinks creation Harley Davidson a state motorcycle would put it behind on a U.S. map, privately in Pennsylvania.

The check is in cabinet in a state residence right now. It could be voted on after this year.

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