Lancia Stratos: pushing a reborn ’70s convene car

With that sound, your wide-eyed, night-time, forest-prowling fans would fuss ‘Stratos’ – an hex freighted with distant some-more fad than a Ford Escort admirer’s meaningful ‘BDA’ shout, no matter how tough Boreham’s ‘Belt Drive form A’ engine was shouting. There was sorcery about a Stratos afterwards and there’s sorcery in it now.

Driving a iconic Ferrari Dino

So many magic, in fact, that a immature automobile engineer called Chris Hrabalek, whose father owned a conspicuous collection of originals, motionless to set about formulating a complicated version.

That was some-more than 12 years ago. Hrabalek had a full-size clay indication built during a Paris studio in 2005 before employing his possess mount during a Geneva engine show to arrangement it underneath a ‘Fenomenon’ code name, carrying already acquired a rights to a Stratos badge. The finished orange immature appurtenance was distinguished not usually for a frail modernisation of Marcello Gandini’s strange pattern though also for an unmissably uninformed component in a figure of a executive post for a winding windscreen, that was now split, any half combining partial of a doors.

Geneva showed there seemed to be adequate movement behind a plan to pierce it forward, with rumours of Prodrive removing a pursuit of branch an considerable indication into a functioning car. That aspiration stalled, though not before it had desirous German automobile tools lord Michael Stoschek. He consecrated Italian automobile pattern dilettante Pininfarina to rise a third iteration of a Stratos regulating a Ferrari F430 Scuderia as a basis.

The Maranello car’s aluminium framework was condensed to fit a Stratos’s proportions, while a engine was tuned to furnish usefully some-more power.

The carbonfibre bodywork was built around a Ferrari’s aluminium spaceframe, to yield an precocious power-to-weight ratio, while a weight placement was really tighten to a ideal 50:50.

It was earnest stuff. Stoschek went as distant as holding an central launch for his automobile during Paul Ricard in 2010, with speak of maybe producing a run of 25. But those cars never appeared, notwithstanding really enlightened reviews of a Pininfarina one-off.

2010 Lancia Stratos judgment review

That seemed to be a finish of a story until a Geneva engine uncover progressing this year, when a really same black Stratos seemed on a Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) stand. It was there given this tiny Turin association motionless to restart a project and build 25 examples. Stoschek is still involved, carrying postulated MAT a looseness to build a cars, though a plan is now led by MAT trainer Paolo Garella. The latter is not new to this project, carrying formerly worked for Pininfarina, where he was deeply concerned with it, tab that it was “one of a best one-offs built during Pininfarina”. He subsequently left, after set adult MAT and has given constructed lane and highway cars for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and a Apollo Arrow.

Pininfarina to launch electric hypercar in 2020

During his career, he’s been concerned with some-more than 50 new automobile projects, so his believe runs deep. In his workshop, we see his initial Stratos, a demonstrator, and a origination of a second automobile is good underneath way.

It’s not prolonged before we’re reminded that a jet-fighter hang of a Stratos windscreen is not usually a outrageous partial of a visible interest though also a outrageous partial of a knowledge when you’re sitting behind it. Although this 21st-century Stratos has thicker pillars, they’re carbonfibre and a lot thinner than those of many complicated cars.

And given they’re pulled behind good to a car’s sides, we suffer a breathtaking perspective into that to unleash a fat 542bhp. Indeed, breadth is in sincerely abundant supply given that this is a supercar, and it’s many conspicuous when we demeanour down during a doorway trims, that lift outrageous scoops suitable for pile-up helmets, usually like a strange car. They’re good for a lot some-more than helmets, creation this a some-more unsentimental appurtenance than it looks – if we can live though a boot.

You contingency also live with instruments mostly blotted by not usually a steering circle though also a outrageous span of carbonfibre paddle shifters and your hands. The aluminium-fronted binnacle references a strange car’s, finish with a somewhat rambling dial plcae common in a 1970s.

Starting a Stratos is guaranteed to miscarry any thoughts we competence have about a blending of a aged and new. Thumbing a red starter symbol on a steering circle not usually ignites a V8 though excites a light cacophony of vibratory sounds to go with it. The source of many of this is an discretionary Capristo empty complement that enlivens a experience.

Pulling a right-hand paddle tips we into initial rigging and a universe of yelping, yelling, air-ripping performance. Though not yet. Instead, Garella drives us to a foothills of a Alps nearby Fenestrelle, where you’ll also find a largest Alpine fortification in Europe. There’ll be no time to admire that, however, given a aim is instead to try a energetic habits of this Stratos on a kind of tangled Tarmac busy by a rallying ancestor. These are parsimonious roads too, creation a opportunities to deep- penetrate a stifle singular and quite stirring when they come. Most of a time we’re propitious to even strike 4000rpm, that leaves another 4000rpm to go, though when a full untethering of a V8 occurs, a theatre in that windscreen comes during we as if it’s dropping from a sky.

While your mind processes that, you’ll not usually hear this Stratos’s Ferrari engine though feel it by your seat, too. If we wish to knowledge a automatic turmoil of motion, we get it full-on in here. An amplified Ferrari engine is positively suitable to this car, given that a strange Lancia was powered by a 2.4-litre V6 from a Dino. The MAT Stratos carries a 4.3-litre Ferrari V8 of an F430, notwithstanding propitious with a new intake plural designed to beget additional low-rev torque.

Still some-more recognisably Maranello is a steering wheel. It’s branded ‘Stratos’, though there’s no mistaking it as an F430 item, finish with a manettino dial. Once you’ve clocked that, we competence notice some-more Ferrari parts, including a F430’s finish meridian control complement unresolved underneath a bespoke Stratos dashboard, a newcomer footbrace, a atmosphere vents, a centre console with a retreat rigging symbol and more.

All of that brings us to a ungainly emanate of sacrifice. You’ve substantially guessed it by now: in sequence to have a Stratos built, we contingency yield MAT with a Ferrari F430 to gut. It’s not a sum sacrifice, of course, given many of a Ferrari’s aluminium chassis, a finish powertrain and a cessation form a basement of a new car. To a condensed framework is trustworthy a carbonfibre top structure.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia review

The outcome is a automobile distant rarer than a mid-engined V8 Ferrari, though one that harnesses a F430’s glorious e-diff-equipped regulating gear. Not that this goes unmodified: rather than regulating a Ferrari Skyhook electronic suspension, this automobile has Bilstein system, practiced exclusively of a manettino, that controls a stifle map, delivery strategy, traction control and fortitude control. It takes some joining to get to a indicate of electronic intervention, though on a approach to it we learn clever framework change notwithstanding a shorter wheelbase, steering that’s some-more totalled than we competence pattern and brakes that are really effective when we give them a decent shove. Great fluency is promised, aided by a paddle-shift transmission, nonetheless that guarantee is not nonetheless entirely realised.

You’ll learn an over-soft back finish that allows some-more hurl than approaching and some fore-and-aft pitching. Garella says that a framework set-up isn’t nonetheless finished and a back dampers will be stiffened by 10% on a prolongation versions. The Stratos rides well, though potholes and pointy bumps difficulty it, that is a warn given how good a F430’s tiny strike fullness is. Different circle sizes are a means of this, he says.

But it’s easy to see a Stratos’s potential. It’s some-more compress than an F430, we get a improved perspective out, it’s faster and, for many, many of a allure will distortion in a rarity. Garella says we can mention your possess framework configuration, and given how good a bottom Ferrari hardware is, it’s easy to suppose a sensationally interesting set-up, and one that rides well, too.

This is distant from a inexpensive car: a £70,000-plus cost of a donor F430 represents usually a tiny commission of a sum bill, that though gets we a hand-built, precocious and well-finished appurtenance that will be satisfyingly rare.

MAT Stratos

Where Italy Price £487,000 (plus Ferrari F430 donor car) On sale Now Engine V8, 4308cc, petrol Power 532bhp during 8200rpm Torque 383lb ft during 3750rpm Gearbox 6-speed automatic Kerb weight 1350kg Top speed 170-205mph 0-60mph 3.3sec Fuel economy na CO2 na Rivals McLaren 720S, Ferrari 488 GTB

The automobile that altered rallying: 

The 1972 Lancia Stratos brought Italian supercar glorious to rallying and threat too. Not usually to a square-cut Ford Escort and Fiat 131 Mirafiori rivals, though also a occupants: a Lancia’s twitchy doing mostly conjured remarkable moments of theatre fright. All this combined to a mystique of a initial automobile designed privately for rallying.

Lancia struggled to sell a 500 examples compulsory for homologation. The final collection was sole unfinished, and it’s believed that usually 492 were indeed made. That a Stratos won a 1975 and 1976 World Championship of Makes, a European Rally Championship in 1976 and 1978 and helped Markku Alén to an FIA Cup for Drivers pretension in 1978 is usually a partial of this car’s allure, many of that pivots on a still-remarkable design.

It would have won more, too, had Fiat not finished a internecine crusade combined by concurrently regulating works Fiat Abarth and Lancia convene teams. One group had to go and it was Lancia; blurb proof commanded that a 131 – a three-box tavern saved from stultifying tedium usually by a fizzing twin-cam engine – continue to campaign.

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