Koenigsegg Teases Agera RS Successor Ahead of 2019 Geneva …

The 1,360-horsepower Agera RS that this automobile replaces pennyless a prolongation automobile tip speed record in Nov averaging 277.9 mph dual ways down Route 160 in Nevada. Just like movies, automotive sequels customarily meant “bigger and badder” so design Koenigsegg’s subsequent runway slayer to furnish even some-more horsepower and presumably even some-more headlines than a Agera RS, expected with a assistance of some kind of electrification. 

Despite news of that other Swedish automaker pulling out of a uncover completely, Koenigsegg’s unnamed hypercar will make a central entrance during a Geneva Motor Show in Mar 2019. 

Beyond that, a Melbourne eventuality also featured a black CCR and an orange CCX—the usually dual Koenigseggs now in Australia, apparently—at a Cars and Coffee-type event.

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