Koenigsegg Jesko Red Cherry Edition Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Luxuryandexpensive, a world`s biggest oppulance network presents:

The Koenigsegg Jesko Cherry Red Edition10

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Pressetext Koenigsegg Jekso – Cherry Edition – Englisch

Punctual for a launch oft he possess platfrom and within a support of a Koenigsegg universe debate and a 10 year anniversary of PACE – @Esser_Automotive, a central Koenigsegg importer for Germany, luxuryandexpensive presents a Jesko Cherry Red Edition10, a new masterpiece of a supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg from Sweden.

From 2020 onwards 125 Jeskos will be done in Ängelholm. Limited Edition!

With adult to implausible 1600 HP and a limit speed of 480 km/h it will mangle all annals for prolongation vehicles (stock-cars) with witty ease. This considerable energy is generated by a revised 5.0 Biturbo V8 engine of Koenigsegg. The flatplane engine ia means to say some-more than 8500 revolutions per notation and delivers a torque of adult to 1500 nm during 5100 rpm. The ensuing vibrations are engrossed by worldly engine suspensions.

Both turbochargers work with a law in-house fuel injection system. A compressor related to CO airtanks shoots a timed, 20-bar detonate of atmosphere in sequence to pre-spool a turbos. This singular process formula in an immediate and sharp-witted boost in a category of a own.

Using a mix of state of a art record a intense Jesko utilises an huge downforce of 1.000 kg during 275 km/h, going adult to a heartless 1.400kg during tip speed. That`s a large boost of 30% over a Koenigsegg One:1 and a whole 40% some-more than a Agera RS. To make this fascinating opening turn reality, Koenigsegg uses a non-static behind wing angle. Optimised designs use a healthy airflow to pull a automobile to a tarmac and let a atmosphere pass by a physique in as sleazy a demeanour as possible.

This opening is equivalent by 20“ or 21“ rims possibly done out of CO or aluminium. The CO rims import not some-more than 8,4 kg in a rear, clocking in during ultralight 6,7 kg in a front. Its weight assets like these that brings a Jesko down to a dry weight of usually 1320 kg, and an flexible quell weight of 1420 kg.

To capacitate such rise performance, Koenigsegg built a code new transmission. It`s means to now switch between 9 speeds during will. The built in mechanism record termed Ultimate Power on Demand (UPOD) now selects and engages best gearing to put limit energy and pushing fun onto a track. The name Lightspeed Transmission is some-more than aptly named. And it weighs in during usually 90 kg, creation it state of a art.

To move behind a feeling and haptic of a primer shifter to enthusiasts, there is a change hang that allows to possibly switch gears manually or occupy a new record during any time.

But Koenigsegg doesn`t trim off oppulance and comfort either. The attempted and loyal Triplex Suspension complement can not usually be found in a rear, like a prototype Agera, though on both axles. This regulates float tallness even during a many large acceleration. Two straight and one plane check on any spindle say a enterprising competitor ideally turn with a highway during all times.

The monocoque is built from CO twine and aluminium and delivers some-more legroom and space than ever before. For a initial time ever dyneema fibres are employed for bolster and confidence – a strongest twine in a world.

When it comes to steering a nimble Jesko shines with an adaptive behind steering, that factors in turn speed, stifle and stop positions, steering and trip angles and engine revolution. The branch turn is so condensed and Jesko delivers a heightened recognition of all senses for a drivers steer. A some-more safe, stable, though also some-more sparkling drive even during high speeds results.

The patron might of march design all conveniences like meridian control, infotainment system, USB tie and many more. The totally giveaway tractable seats and steering turn round off quadruped comforts. Leather or alcantara finish is business choice, of course. A speciality is a ingenious, digital touchscreen built into a smartwheel, that turns as a steering turn turns and displays all a information entertaining during all times. Embedded in a smartwheel are dual haptic touchscreens that concede full control of a automobile with only a hold or appropriate from a driver.

The marvellous Autoskin complement utilises miniaturised hydraulics to open a Jesko touchless and yield easy entrance for a driver. Special sensors strengthen a doors from opening where an deterrent is rescued to keep a automobile in a unblemished state.

The Jesko Koenigsegg is a ideal mix of technology, comfort and performance. The simple list cost is € 2.350.000 in further to internal taxes.

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