Kid In A Candy Store: 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite

– By Melanie Droz Shawcroft


One would consider it would be formidable to rebound behind to 6th-grade teacher, mother and mom of twin boys after a weekend with a girls, and one would be right! However, pushing a 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite done it a smooth, sparkling transition.

I was propitious adequate to have a possibility to stay home with a baby a integrate of days this week, yet we were still obliged for bringing his large hermit to school. Each morning, we jumped in a Odyssey regulating a remote engine start, twin energy shifting doors and hands-free entrance energy tailgate. we was literally means to lift a baby, a hiker and Berrett’s trek since my hands were totally free. Since a mornings are chilly, we were means to gentle adult with a tri-zone involuntary meridian control, exhilarated steering circle and exhilarated and ventilated front seats. The 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite can make any mom’s morning slight easier and some-more gentle — there are also some-more than adequate crater holders for coffee.

My 6-year-old was like a child in a candy store all week when he got to take a float in a Odyssey. He wanted to put a second- and third-row sunshades adult and down; he would go from sitting in a 60/40-fold-down third quarrel to a sorcery slip second-row seats, and he generally enjoyed a Blu-ray/DVD back celebration complement with wireless headsets. He could drown out a sound of his small hermit and watch PBS Kids, even if we were only pushing a mile to his school. He really didn’t wish to drown us out when we brought him Barro’s Pizza for lunch one day. He was arrangement off his hermit only like we was arrangement off a Odyssey to all a other moms. The energy moonroof with lean feature, 19” amalgamate wheels, back remoteness potion and energy folding doorway mirrors were adequate to impress.

I was also tender with a opening and reserve of a 2018 Odyssey. With my normal weekend rituals of picking adult a boys, fast using into a store for a birthday present and attending a 7-year-old’s birthday party, a Odyssey’s 280hp, 3.5-liter VTEC V8 engine got me where we indispensable to go quickly. With 19/28 mpg, we had copiousness of fuel for a standard errands and with a 10-speed involuntary transmission, paddle shifters and electric energy steering, we felt a bit like a racecar during times. Even yet we felt unstoppable, Honda knows improved that is because a Odyssey is packaged with reserve features. The Collision Mitigation braking complement with brazen collision warning kept me from alighting in someone’s backseat while removing on a turnpike headed to a Science Center. With LATCH, VSA, ABS, EBD, FCW, LDW and LKAS, there is no scholarship equation that can contest with a engorgement of reserve acronyms in a Odyssey.

It wasn’t all about a kids with a Odyssey this weekend. My father and we enjoyed holding it to his work holiday celebration Saturday night. Although we didn’t travel divided winning one of a huge present bags that were raffled off during a party, there were copiousness of facilities in a minivan to be beholden for — reward audio complement with 11 speakers, arrangement audio with Honda Navigation, multiview back camera and bright visor self-centredness mirrors — only to name a few. With an MSRP $46,670, a 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite is a ideal car for this wife, mom and 6th-grade teacher.


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