Kia Pickup Truck Not Off The Table

With so many automakers now focusing on SUV, crossover, and trucks, it looks like Kia do not wish to be left out as good as they exhibit that they too are deliberation a new pickup lorry for Kia though we competence have to wait a while before we indeed see one.

According to Kia, they are meditative about it though for now, their categorical priority will be a SUVs and also their sedan operation that means it could be years before we indeed see a lorry entrance from Kia.

Of course, this is also distant from a acknowledgment though it does uncover that Kia is deliberation their options. Unlike Kia, Hyundai has already started operative on their possess pickup truck. We gave recently saw their Santa Cruz concept. It is believed that a Hyundai pickup lorry would be formed on a unibody crossover height that would make it some-more gentle though reduction imperishable compared to what we have in a marketplace right now.

The new lorry will be entrance in to contest with models like a Nissan Navara.

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