Key to Tesla Model 3 Production Currently Sits in Germany

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It’s no tip that Tesla is behind on Model 3 production. Tesla even admits that “bottlenecks” are a vast partial of because it mislaid so most income final year. But that could shortly change now that a pivotal square of prolongation apparatus is prepared to go. The usually problem is, it’s now on a wrong side of a Atlantic ocean.

Automotive News reports that Tesla has designed and built an programmed battery procedure public line that’s approaching to significantly speed adult production. Unfortunately for a California-based automaker, a apparatus still needs to get from Germany to its U.S. battery bureau in Nevada.

“That’s got to be disassembled, brought over to a gigafactory and reassembled and afterwards brought into operation during a gigafactory,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk pronounced on a discussion call progressing this week. “It’s not a doubt of either it works or not. It’s usually a doubt of disassembly, transport, and reassembly.”

The problem is, Tesla also recently told investors that by a finish of subsequent month, it expects to more than double Model 3 production. To equivocate blank a idea of building 2,500 Model 3s per week, Tesla has usually a few weeks to get a programmed public line opposite a Atlantic.

Without a new public line, it’s tough to see how Tesla could build adequate batteries to accommodate a prolongation goals. But when that eventually does happen, design to see a lot some-more Tesla Model 3s on a road.

Source: Automotive News

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