Kahn Design unleashes ire on and off road

Afzal Kahn is one bustling man. He spent 2015 announcing and rising new projects by several automotive ventures. Those enclosed a Speed 7, Land Rover Defender 6×6 and Ant-Kahn barchetta. He hasn’t slowed down in 2016, with his designs adding peep to automobile shows via a year. He’s now scheming to liven adult subsequent week’s London Motor Show with a contingent of reworked British legends, including an indignant Aston Martin and a six-wheeled Land Rover pickup.

Kahn Design showed both a Aston Martin Vengeance and Flying Huntsman 110 Double Cab 6×6 Pick Up at a Geneva Motor Show final month and brought a Vengeance to a Top Marques Monaco dual weeks ago. Both vehicles will be on arrangement during a London Motor Show subsequent week and will be assimilated by a all-new “Ultimate Defender,” a reverence to a classical 4×4 that went out of production this year.

Flying Huntsman 110 Double Cab 6X6 Pick Up

The coach-built Defender 6×6 Pick Up done showed adult final year before creation a some-more central general automobile uncover entrance in Geneva. It was simply a favorite automobile from Kahn’s Geneva 2016 booth, providing a some-more cargo-friendly choice to final year’s 6×6 and a correct answer to a Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, also a pickup.

Kahn has stretched a bottom Defender 110 out by 34.6 in (880 mm) and widened it by 6 in (150 mm) with a assistance of wide-body wings. Kahn’s X-Lander grille and headlamp surrounds framing a “shadow chrome” lamps emanate a graphic face.

Other extraneous modifications embody an extended hood, combined vents, cosmetic hurl bars, and front and back sand flaps. Plus, a lorry has “Kahn” and “Flying Huntsman” badging and a sextet of 18-in 1945 retro amalgamate wheels.

Below that hulking, Volcanic Rock-painted body, Kahn has combined a tradition twin exhaust, put a signature on a six-speed involuntary gearbox, and forsaken in a tradition electronic differential for activating a 6 expostulate wheels. There’s no LS3 V8 in this one; energy comes from a customary 120-hp 2.2-liter diesel engine. If that sounds underpowered to you, note that Canada’s Urban Warrior this week announced an ascent of a Kahn indication powered by a 670-hp Ford Coyote V8.

Kahn has achieved copiousness of work on a interior, too. Beyond a splendid red leather on a exhilarated front seats and flattering many everywhere else, Kahn has combined a tradition dashboard, Flying Huntsman rev opposite and clock, tradition piano black core console, quilted black leather headliner, vented machined aluminum feet pedals and more.

That’s a lotta Land Rover and it comes with a lotta cost tag, yet a £150,000 (approx. US$219K) bottom cost looks flattering affordable compared to what Mercedes was seeking for a (much some-more absolute and rugged) G63 6×6. Kahn will offer a 6×6 Pick Up in singular numbers.

Aston Martin Vengeance

Kahn’s Aston Martin Vengeance might be one of a many reasonably named cars we’ve seen. Staring into that indignant face creates we feel roughly unwelcome. Based on a 510-hp V12-powered DB9, and desirous by Aston Martins of a 80s and 90s, a coach-built Vengeance represents a fulfilment of Afzal Kahn’s dream to pattern a automobile he wants to drive.

One man’s dream is another’s calamity – not since a Vengeance is a terrible reinterpretation, though since those frightful gnashed teeth are probable to means tangible nightmares. The new fender framing that grille adds to a assertive posturing, and widened front and back fenders give a automobile a flesh mass it needs to make those threats feel credible.

Perhaps a many distinguished underline of a Vengeance is a roulette-inspired circle design. The lightweight wheels underline a two-tone finish and have an additional span of spokes during a back (18 vs 16), complementing a prominent back fenders.

Also a really singular edition, a Vengeance doesn’t have a listed cost outward of “POA”.

Ultimate Defender

Organizers of a London Motor Show have called on Afzal Kahn to emanate a reverence to a mythological Land Rover Defender, a final indication of that rolled out of Solihull in January, after 68 years of production. Kahn is focusing on updating a Defender with a “variety of visible elements that give a classical pattern a complicated hold while recalling a prolonged and storied story of a SUV.” The indication should embody signature Kahn touches like a Chelsea Truck Company Wide Track physique pack and overhauled interior.

Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until a London show, that opens on May 5, to see what a Ultimate Defender is all about. We’ll move we a sum about a build and other London debuts subsequent week.

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