John Cena: Is a McLaren 675LT a Ferrari Wanna-Be?

Our internal WWE champion is during it again. Aside from being an implausible wrestler, John Cena knows a thing or dual about outlandish cars. After anticipating a loophole in his Ford GT contract, he competence be deliberation a new McLaren. But not only any indication will do. The 675LT was a correct sendoff for a initial era of their Super Series. While work was underway on a 720S, McLaren built 500 cars in loyalty to a 1996 F1 GTR Long Tail. It was this winning aerodynamic advantage that done a F1 radically unbeatable on a track.

Ford Suing John Cena for Selling his Ford GT

While many of a physique resembles a 650S Coupe, a 675 LT weighs in 200 lbs lighter. Thanks to bound Recaro racing seats, plexiglass, and a few other tricks it is lighter and some-more absolute than anything before or since. The engine creates an immorality 666 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. we have driven them both, and we cite a sound of a 3.8-liter engine over a new 4.0 liter found in a 720S. Something about a banishment sequence and present boost creates for a fun ride. Don’t get me wrong, a 720S is a good car, though we feel a engine being hold behind by a mechanism to make a automobile excusable as a daily driver. Click a couple next to crop a listings for a 675 LT and stay with us for some-more John Cena Autogeek updates.

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