Jay Leno learns all about a strange Nissan Skyline GT-R

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Don’t we wish that Nissan still built four-door Skyline GT-Rs? Before 1971 a automaker did only that with its stately Hakosuka.

This epoch of a Nissan Skyline was initial launched behind in 1968 and ran adult by 1972. The strong GT-R various arrived in 1969 and came make-up 160 horsepower pleasantness of a 2.0-liter inline-6. You’re expected to never run opposite one here in a States. Unless you’re Jay Leno and friends with a group behind Orange County-based automobile dealership Original Rare.

Chris Marion is a stream caretaker of this sold 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R. It’s a sedan version, and it looks ideal with a china paint over darker wheels.The buffer mirrors turn out a classically cold Japanese style. A Hakosuka is typically drizzling with this arrange of style, and this clean, batch instance is no exception. 

Marion and Leno go over a story of a car, and it becomes transparent that Nissan was meditative forward with a Skyline. The engine utilizes a four-valve setup and breathes by a span of carburetors. In fact, a S20 engine used here was once a race-car employed engine pressed into a brook of a extraordinary Prince R380. There it constructed between 200 and 220 horsepower.

The engine in a Original Rare automobile has a few tweaks to a engine so that it’s creation around 200 hp. That’s since a set of Weber carbs has been substituted in along with a revised cam and a set of headers. Jay scrupulously describes a automobile as unassuming. He’s right since a Skyline GT-R from this epoch looks like a sincerely basic, despite utterly handsome, small 4 door. But a power-to-weight ratio suggests otherwise.

Leno even compares it to his McLaren F1, of that a Skyline carries only an additional 100 pounds of heft over Jay’s British supercar.

The span spend a lot of time combing by all of a small sum of a car. It seems that Jay is a bit soft with a classical Japanese sports sedan. Especially when a automobile is let lax on a roads around Leno’s famous garage. There’s good sound emanating from that small inline-6. Pair that with a artless nonetheless infrequently fascinating looks and heritage, and we have a automobile that’s a strike with enthusiasts of all ages.

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