Japan’s Crazy Diverse Car Scene Is In Full Force At The Daikoku New Year Meet

Following a supercar-centric accommodate during Hanyu Parking Area a day before, we wasn’t certain of what to design from Daikoku as fundamentally all one could presumably wish to see was already during Hanyu. But like always, Daikoku never unsuccessful to surprise.

Lancia Delta Integrale

Unlike Hanyu, that finished during around noon, a New Year accommodate during Daikoku is radically an all-day eventuality with cars opening in and going out constantly.


We got there splendid and early around 8 a.m. to make certain we didn’t skip anything. It incited out we didn’t need to get there that early since if there was something this accommodate wasn’t brief on, it was singular and engaging cars. A normal accommodate during Daikoku is always a good showcase of a farrago of Japanese automobile culture, yet a New Year accommodate always goes above and over all expectations.

Like many other meets during Daikoku, or indeed during any other parking area in Japan, this was mostly unorganized. It’s some-more of an unpretentious accommodate where clubs and groups of friends come together during a New Year holidays.

Alfa Romeo 155 GTA-Z

A discerning demeanour around a automobile park, that still had some dull spaces available, we could see who came together in a group. The Alfa 155 GTA-Z, R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, Lancia Delta Integrale, and E30 BMW M3 from Tochigi prefecture were lined adult like a dream garage of someone who grew adult in a ‘80s and ‘90s. Call it Radwood Japan.

Mazda Cosmo

Elsewhere, there was a beautiful Mazda Cosmo. These rotary legends are going for around ¥10,000,000 ($88,300) in Japan during a moment, that was a warn to me as we was awaiting these to be going for a lot more. Speaking of costly classical Japanese cars, it was a contrition no 2000GTs showed adult this year. No problem though, since there were some-more than copiousness of classical iconic Japanese sports cars to satisfy.

Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST185)

Early on, a ST185 Celica GT-Four rolled in with a Mitsubishi Evo VI behind it. I’ve been going by a bit of a Celica proviso during a moment, utterly a after ST186 generation. One of those with a Castrol clothing would be utterly nice.


Soon some-more cars started opening in, including a Nissan Stagea automobile with overfenders, a Millennium Jade R34 Skyline, and a stanced Lexus IS F.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

It didn’t take prolonged for a requisite Liberty Walk cars to arrive, mostly GT-Rs with a sole M4 and Murcielago fasten in later. Other highlights embody a Lancer Evo in full Ralliart livery, a Star Road 240Z, widebody R33 GT-R, Rocket Bunny 350Z, a purify NA2 NSX, a Pajero Evolution (I scarcely forgot about these), and a R33 Skyline with a R34 front.

A shakotan Toyota

Before relocating on to a other cars, it would be bold not to discuss a Shakotan or Kaido Racers that were widespread out Daikoku. This subculture is maybe one of a many tangible with a lowered stance, widebody demeanour and extraordinary decorations. Quite a singular steer in executive Tokyo, these cars tend to hang around a city outskirts. It was good to see a few of a owners hurl in together. These guys were some-more than happy to delayed down for photos and videos.

Mitsubishi Colt GTO

While a several Japanese cars held my courtesy some-more than a exotics, it was tough to omit a far-reaching spectrum of colors that came down a opening ramp as a Anija organisation rolled in. We’ve already seen many of them a day before during Hanyu yet that didn’t stop them opening in with character and noise. If anyone shows adult to a accommodate in a Lamborghini and doesn’t have a scissor doors up, they severely need to recur their lives.

Anija Lamborghini Diablo

Or maybe they don’t wish to attract neglected attention. The Anija organisation weren’t even parked adult for half an hour until a military came to flog them out of a train and lorry spots. There was no such emanate during Hanyu. One of a best moments was when a Ferrari 458 topsy-turvy into a mark right in front of a military automobile while a officer inside was revelation him not to over a loudspeakers.

The military came to flog a cars out

Unwillingly a Anija guys left yet they took their time. Soon after one supercar organisation left, another arrived. Team KHR, another supercar owner’s organisation with a splendidly singular character and equally decorated owners, arrived with a procession that was during slightest a dozen strong.

So many cars, so few military officers

Some of their cars enclosed a McLaren 675LT Spider, Ford GT, Ferrari 599 GTO, widebody Audi R8 and several Aventadors. These guys fundamentally only parked around a same train and lorry parking area as Anija, that afterwards forced a military to come out. Amusingly, a man in a LT was on a phone and told to pierce his car, so he did. Then a policeman stopped him since he was still on a phone. I’m certain there’s a sitcom in there somewhere.



While many of a supercars came with groups there were a few sole wolves or those that only came with a integrate of friends. The Koenigsegg CCX and Radical RXC were among a stars of a meet. Everyone rushed towards them to get a pic of a dual unicorns together. There were also dual Porsche Carrera GTs, one of that was a white automobile from Anija.

The New Year’s accommodate in a photo
One of a rarest cars during a meet
The Kiwi pack car

The batch Ferrari F40 (you know it’s Japan when we have to discuss either an F40 is batch or not) and Lamborghini Diablo GT were some of my personal favorites from a day. Other highlights embody a Countach 5000S, an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV that was indeed operative and a Ford Sierra Cosworth. This sold automobile looked good used. Another automobile value mentioning was a Saker, a pack automobile from New Zealand.

Then there were a Americans. Everything from prohibited rods to low riders and even a Hummer or dual showed up. It was a low riders that we was many meddlesome in. Apparently these guys were on their approach to a uncover or accommodate elsewhere and only stopped by Daikoku to locate up. These cars don’t unequivocally come out most so it was a singular event to see so many of them out in a wild.



I didn’t need to go to whatever uncover they were going to since some were already engaging us during Daikoku with jumps and implausible modifications. The pinkish 300C with a Phantom-esque front, rainbow spinners, and bedazzled Spirit of Ecstasy was simply stunning.

There’s a lot going on here

These lowrider guys and girls, and we suspect other American automobile enthusiasts in Japan, are partial of a same organisation of enthusiasts as a shakotan organisation with a same counterculture views. In a nation where consent a norm, it shouldn’t come as a warn that it’d multiply a dark enterprise to mount out. These guys are clearly carrying fun doing so and everybody else during Daikoku seemed to suffer their showboating too.

That’s one approach to equivocate speed bumps

That’s what we adore about these meets. It’s a melting pot of people and cars from really opposite backgrounds appreciating and admiring any other’s work. The best impulse of a accommodate for me was when a garland of a low supplement guys walked towards a Koenigsegg and Radical with their jaws boring on a ground. There was a lot of “sugoi” (amazing) and “kakkoi” (cool) being pronounced out loud.



Finally, there were a crazy vans. The ones with a fins, extended bumpers, and furious colors. This subculture is reasonably called “Vanning.” we mean, it’s to a point.

Vanning by a dozen

While a supercars were a prominence for many others, these were mine. It’s not surprising to see one or dual during one of a night meets during Daikoku infrequently yet I’ve seen so many together. There must’ve been about a dozen of them. With all those fins, it looked some-more like a flock of whales than a entertainment of vans.

Is it a outpost or a yacht?

It ranged from your standard vanning, erm, vans with a large bumpers and fins to some officious crazy ones. There was one that could give some oppulance yachts a run for their income with a “deck” during a behind and a well-stocked bar. The list with a crater holders was a good hold for celebration on a go. The one with a taillights that looked like they came from a Nissan 180SX was utterly engaging too.



Either way, it was a best approach to finish this meet. But when we suspicion we had seen it all, a dekotora lorry with an extraordinary koi fish portrayal on a side showed up. It’s a contrition it wasn’t darker differently he might’ve bloody a epileptic LEDs.

we can’t suppose a improved approach to flog off all things cars in Japan in 2018. If we wish to see a uncanny and smashing farrago of Japanese automobile enlightenment come to a subsequent New Year’s accommodate in 2019. Or maybe a Tokyo Auto Salon.

A dekotora lorry
In Japan, these are flattering singular
Surprisingly a DeTomaso Pantera have a few fans here
A really cold Toyota Soarer
Overfender all
Nissan-Renault Alliance during a excellent
The 599XX-insipred pack from Anija
Spot a bauble
Everyone wanted to hear a cars exit out a true
A GT3 Cup automobile with plates
Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 by a toilets
I’ll contend this is American-inspired
Spinners in 2018
Some honestly cold cars here
One of dual Carrera GT
Liberty Walk BMW M4
The crazy cars only kept opening
Rear wing desirous by a Bugatti Vision GT
I’ll take a Ford, thanks
Another Toyota Soarer
Classic California plates are a good touch
A Model X with a ‘Don Quijote’ wrap. It’s fundamentally a bonus store…
G.T. Terrorist… right
Ready to conflict some touges
Rally liveries are always a good idea
Perhaps a subsequent Anija plan car?
Repressing a Liberty Walk GT-Rs
Swedish throng puller
Star Road Nissan 240Z with a Radical
Literally flexing
Honda CR-X with proxy play plates
Cars as distant as a eye can see
Less pointed
Yellow lights on a RX-7
Anything and all shows adult
Evo Wagon
Liberty Walk Murcielago kits are singular so they’re utterly singular to see
Porsches and Lambs
There’s always a F40 circuitously
A Diablo GT with 6.0 wheels and… engaging headlights
R33 body, R34 front
Basically a same..
Pajero Evolution
Quite a few dogs were during this accommodate too
I consternation what’s easier to park; a lorry or a Countach?
Honda twin
Always have a roof dip
Rocket Bunny 350Z with some New Year decorations
A opposite kind of Skyline perspective
As we pronounced earlier, overfender all
Some classical examples of shakotan cars
VIP character LS460
Lone R32
An Alfa Giula QV on a go
Cut out here
Yes, it had red lights
I swear those lights are from a 180SX

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