James Ruppert: it’s still spider season

Then again, we competence cite something a bit older. If we don’t tumble for a attract of a Fiat Barchetta, afterwards we contingency have a slab heart. It is ideally shaped and eventually is going to reason a value in a entrance years, supposing it behaves itself. Left-hand expostulate should not be an snag to fun, and nonetheless I’ve seen cheaper, a ‘part-exchange to clear’ 2000 Barchetta during £2800 is a entrance turn now. The going rate starts during usually £4000 and that will buy a few-owner 1996 60,000-mile example. Top income seems to be £5995 to £6995 and it should be flattering most packet for that. 

Compare that with a £18,995- and we will compensate for one of those 1970s or 1980s 124 imports, that were all a fury behind then. Left-hand expostulate again and some-more than expected to mangle down, they are insufferably lovable and one would wish that all a Eastern Bloc decay has been cut out and transposed by a good stuff. 

Although we’ve valid we can still buy a creatively minted 124 from a unregistered overspill automobile park, don’t panic as we can get an Abarth-branded one. A 2016 automobile is £18,000 with about 13,000 miles. Maybe that’s a approach forward: hardcore(ish) versions with scorpion badges. 

What we roughly bought this week

Volkswagen Polo Harlequin

Looking like a product of a paint sprayer high on Dulux, a Polo Harlequin, famous in a trade as a Joseph (he of a cloak of many colours), was a special book expelled in 1996. They’re singular (for apparent reasons) and this one, that has full use history, has finished usually 35,000 miles. Ours for £3000, if we hadn’t suspicion better. 

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Porsche Cayenne, mileage – 101,000: After some acid around, we came opposite a seller with a secondhand offside foglight lens, to reinstate my damaged one, during £29.99, including postage. So we paid adult and waited for a post. 

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