It’s OK That a D.C. Metro Might Close Rail Lines for Months. This Is What Grown-Up Systems Do.

For a Red Line, a L and M trains, and a 405, a shutdown was, or will be, a only approach to well and entirely finish required work. As with design, we can have affordable and quick maintenance, or affordable and good maintenance, though not affordable, fast, and good maintenance. When an group tries to retreat decades of slight while concurrently carrying passengers, use limps and repairs never end. WMATA’s “Metro Forward” upkeep efforts have been going on given 2011, and trains are still single-tracking, causing delays. And Metrorail’s sister system, San Francisco’s BART, is equally hobbled; final month, a BART communications officer responded to irritable tweets about use disruptions by explaining a system’s innumerable ailments, hashtagging a review #thisisourreality. That day’s specific problems were associated to an electrical emanate that knocked 50 cars out of service, one by one.

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