It looks like a concept, though a Lexus LC500 is really most a real-life stunner

“Concept car” is a wily term. Technically, any automobile that can’t be constructed as shown fits this description. But while some designs are no some-more than a set of mirrors and wheels divided from play showrooms, others haven’t a possibility of saying an public line. When Lexus debuted a LF-LC judgment during a 2015 Tokyo engine show, everybody and their mom guessed it would bear vital medicine before attack prolongation — if Lexus would give a automobile a immature light during all.

But here we are, chubby into a really real, really street-legal Lexus two-door. It’s called a LC500, and it’s a spitting picture of a LF-LC judgment that dazzled a automotive village 3 years ago. Lexus offers twin graphic versions of a LC: one with a naturally-aspirated V8 (our tester) and a other with a hybridized V6. Without any vital visible differences, selecting between a twin comes down to pushing style. The V8 indication is louder, lighter, and some-more powerful, yet a hybrid offers 30 total mpg and smoother energy delivery.

At a starting figure of $92,975 (including destination) for a 2018 Lexus LC500, there are a series of determined rivals to consider. Buyers in hunt of a comfortable, manly 2+2 sports automobile will do good to emporium a Mercedes-Benz SL450 ($89,195) and a Porsche 911 Carrera ($92,150). Though BMW has dropped a 650i two-door coupe and automobile models, we can still find new examples on play lots. It’s time to see if Lexus’s halo starship can keep adult with a German elites.   

Super safety, difficult convenience

The LC500 comes installed with cutting-edge tech, yet it flubs a execution in a integrate of pivotal ways. On house is a digital motorist sign with an integrated speedometer and tachometer, an accessible tone head-up display, a 10.3-inch infotainment, an discretionary 13-speaker Mark Levinson sound system, twin USB ports, XM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.

When Lexus introduced a reconfigurable sign on the LFA supercar in 2010, a automaker claimed a normal tachometer needle couldn’t keep adult with a fast-revving V10 engine. The LC500’s slower-revving V8 doesn’t have a same mandate yet a relocating arrangement is still nifty. Less considerable is Lexus’ Enform infotainment system, that is operated around a smattering of earthy controls and a touchpad. Response time isn’t as many an emanate as a menu structure and miss of shortcuts to common features. Familiarity with Enform helps, yet it never becomes discerning or serviceable yet focused attention. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto would positively assistance make things easier, yet conjunction complement is offering in a LC.

The LC500’s slower-revving V8 doesn’t have a same requirements, yet a relocating arrangement is still nifty.

There’s improved news on a active reserve front. Standard technologies embody adaptive journey control, involuntary high beams, brazen collision warning, involuntary puncture braking, front and back parking sensors, line depart warning, lane-keeping assist, and a backup camera. For an additional $1,000, Lexus bundles blind mark monitoring, parking assist, and back cross-traffic monitoring. In highway pushing situations, adaptive journey control follows a gait of trade yet sudden braking and lane-keeping support maintains a centered position within markings yet ping-ponging a vehicle.

Vicious sound, stoical ride

In a customary configuration, a Lexus LC500 is a required proceed to performance: a vast V8 adult front, rear-wheel drive, and an involuntary delivery joining a two. Lexus adds complexity with options like an adaptive ratio steering shelve and rear-wheel steering, yet a pared-down tester (equipped with usually a limited-slip differential) is a purist’s collect for GT fun.

Miles Branman/Digital Trends

Before naturally-aspirated powertrains produce to forced initiation and e-assist technologies for good, let’s take a notation to conclude a industry-wide register of loud, unapproachable motors on offer. There’s Dodge’s collect of Hemi V8s, Ford’s 5.2-liter flat-crank eight-cylinder, Audi/Lamborghini’s 5.2-liter V10, Porsche’s 4.0-liter flat-six, Ferrari’s twelve-cylinder duo, Lamborghini’s V12, and Lexus’ 5.0-liter V8. Found in a RC F and LC500, Lexus’ V8 is a smooth, soulful savage that appreciates a severe practice regimen.

Six expostulate modes and 10 speeds conduct a LC500’s 471 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque, yet a complicated right feet cuts by all that red fasten during any moment. Nearly 4,400 pounds of mass tempers opening somewhat, yet a LC500 still hustles to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and tops out during 167 mph. Six-piston front and four-piston back brakes work with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires to keep a bodacious 2+2 in check. Under tough cornering, a LC500 tends to pull a front end; usually with fortitude and traction control switched off is it probable to attract a back finish out in a brief slide. A low core of sobriety and adaptive dampers retrain physique roll, yet a LC’s estimable heft is never masked entirely.

Lexus’ V8 is a smooth, soulful savage that loves a severe practice regimen.

Long, unconditional curves fit a LC500’s impression well, yet a automobile shines usually as brightly when traversing good distances. Two 300-mile highway trips valid a efficacy of Lexus’ check tuning and cabin insulation; severe roads and gasping winds do tiny to disquiet newcomer comfort. Our usually oppose with a LC’s cruising function is during stop-and-go situations in comfort or eco mode. Under these conditions, a loose stifle pedal hates to be rushed, lurching a automobile brazen as a delivery jumps into gear.

Though a large, 20-gallon fuel tank cuts down on fill-ups, an EPA-rated 19-combined mpg still necessitates a vast fuel budget.

Styled for impact

Like those unfailing for fame, supercar owners contingency make assent with a fact that remoteness and an rare daily life are no longer possible; a splendid red Ferrari doesn’t mix in with a Prius crowd. Neither, though, does a LC500.

The opening between a $100K and a $300K automobile competence seem insignificant to those of us who can’t suppose shopping either, yet in reality, these total paint twin opposite consumers with opposite expectations. For a $100K automobile to pull a same courtesy and seductiveness as a cars costing some-more than double is incredible. Even in a pointed tone like a sundown mica (dark blue) tester, a LC500 is dazzling. Futuristic styling, a absolute stance, and an superb conformation broach as durability an impact as a LFA of 2010.

Lexus’ shaft grille is as argumentative a pattern component as they come, and it simply overpowers any other cultured cues in some applications. On a LC500, however, a hourglass figure suits a automobile perfectly, concomitant confidant elements like a discretionary 21-inch wheels, trenchant LED daytime using lights, and notched C-pillar. Undermining a extraneous wow-factor rather is an startling volume of stop dust. Regardless of pushing behavior, Lexus’ selected stop devalue coats a LC’s adorned wheels in soiled excess after usually a few miles of driving. In a grand scheme, it’s not a vast issue, yet owners competence turn angry with how mostly they need to revisit a automobile rinse or touch-up their rims.

Futuristic styling, a absolute stance, and an superb conformation broach a durability impact.

Inside, a LC is a cohesive arrangement of oppulance and flair. A bent dashboard envelops a cockpit, joining twin leather-wrapped tiers with a raked potion panel. Sport bucket seats wrapped in movable leather underline seperated microfiber suede inserts. A ramped squeeze hoop with brushed steel and contrariety stitching isolates a motorist compartment. Unique, yet functionally odd, a LC500’s traction control and expostulate mode controls protrusion like antennae from a motorist sign cluster.

Like many 2+2 opening vehicles, a back seats are best used for easy-access storage or to transport tiny children. The shoal case fits a span of low-profile suitcases within a 4 cubic-foot compartment, yet a back seats do not overlay to accommodate longer items.

Peace of mind

Lexus offers a same basic warranty as a pivotal German rivals: 4 years or 50,000 miles of coverage. Also enclosed are a initial twin scheduled services during 5,000 and 10,000 miles, respectively. Lexus is consistently ranked among a many arguable brands (not usually among oppulance automakers), with many or all of a nameplates commanding a long-term dependability charts. Though a LC is a new model, it shouldn’t give owners any some-more headaches than any other Lexus-branded vehicle.

Neither a NHTSA nor a IIHS has crash-tested a Lexus LC500, so no reserve ratings are available.

Some bound rivals

With a BMW 6 Series Coupe now out of prolongation (and a 8 Series still a year away), a Lexus LC500 is singly positioned as a bound roof, V8-powered GT automobile for underneath $100K. Unfortunately for Lexus, a LC’s cost indicate stairs on a toes of twin surreptitious yet extreme competitors: a Porsche 911 Carrera and Mercedes-Benz SL450 Roadster. Both of these vehicles fit a check for a comfortable, energetic daily driver, and both have a advantage of nameplate recognition.

Miles Branman/Digital Trends

With approximately 1,000 fewer pounds to maneuver, a 370-hp Porsche 911 Carrera is some-more flexible and quicker to 60 mph than a Lexus, yet a recognition and regressive styling draws extremely reduction fanfare. The SL450, meanwhile, is a usually of a 3 with a power-folding hardtop and is a cheapest before options.

How DT would configure this car

The LC500 looks fantastic regardless of spec, yet given a event to customize a own, here’s how we’d do it. Painted in hazed slab mica with rioja red leather interior, a ideal LC500 would embody a safety-centered preference package ($1,000), furloughed package ($1,900) with semi-aniline leather, Mark Levinson sound system, and Alcantara headliner, Torsen limited-slip differential ($390), 20-inch 10-spoke amalgamate wheels ($1,210), tone head-up arrangement ($900), and runner case pad ($105). With a $1,025 finish fee, a configured LC500 would sell for $98,420.

A GT automobile for stone stars

Every notation behind a circle of a Lexus LC500 is a impulse of celebrity. Dashing good looks, high highway manners, and a grave V8 make for a grand tourer suggestive of vaunted nameplates like Aston Martin’s DB11. At this cost point, no other 2+2 offers a same entertainment or stylistic adventurous style, that is adequate for us to disremember a rougher edges.

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