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We had a discerning discuss with Chetan Shedjale, a lead engineer of a new Harley-Davidson Street Rod. Chetan’s been with Harley-Davidson given 2010, operative on a Street project. It was his judgment pattern of a Street 750, called a RDX 400, that forms a basement for what a Street Rod is. Born in Karnataka, India, Harley-Davidson was a dream come loyal for Chetan Shedjale. Excerpts from a conversation:

CarandBike: So, how did motorcycle pattern happen? Was it a unwavering decision?

Chetan Shedjale: I’m from Solapur, Maharashtra. In those days, around 1996, 1997, pattern preparation in India was singular to engineering and architecture. By 1993 or so, we started researching on pattern options. we finished my pattern in 2001 and by that time we knew what we wanted to do. we was ardent about motorcycles from childhood, and by afterwards we motionless we wanted to do motorcycles. But there was no such propagandize in a universe for motorcycle design. Luckily, a propagandize we went to, it was wise in my dad’s budget; he was a sponsor. After completing my architecture, we went to Italy and finished my Masters in Car and Transportation Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and we finished my one year Masters module there. After my Masters, we struggled for six, 7 months, though during that duration we was operative with Fiat though we was unhappy. we was unfortunate given cars are boxes for me. But motorcycles are totally naked, we have to pattern any and each detail. And that was my area of interest.

2017 harley davidson transport rod

The Street Rod is formed on Chetan’s judgment pattern of a Harley-Davidson Street 750

CarandBike: So, how did a transition from cars to motorcycles happen?

Chetan Shedjale: we had built a good portfolio with a assistance of some professionals, and so we started promulgation out my portfolio to people, including Massimo Tamburini, who was those days with CRC, or MV Agusta in San Marino. They called me and we was interviewed by Tamburini, who spoke usually Italian. And we could pronounce usually English. He was going by my drawings and we were perplexing to promulgate with palm gestures and we attempted to explain my passion and enterprise to pattern motorcycles. And afterwards he asked if we favourite to work with him and we pronounced yes. He asked what we was removing paid during Fiat, and we replied we was removing paid nothing, it was like an internship where we were given food though no salaries. That’s how we got into motorcycles and Tamburini is my guru and from there it took on.

CarandBike: How did Harley-Davidson happen?

Chetan Shedjale: In 2010, Tamburini left and we also left CRC. Then we assimilated Husqvarna and we was operative with them on a agreement plan that never took off. In a meantime, we had sent my CV to Harley-Davidson and Ray Drea from Harley-Davidson contacted me observant that so-and-so chairman is entrance to Milan and would we like to meet? That was Kirk Rasmussen. He came and he interviewed me and afterwards he went back. After a month, we got another email observant that they wished me to transport to Milwaukee and accommodate them. This was a second pronounce with Harley and things clicked and we got hired and it was a dream come loyal for me.

harley davidson transport rod colour options

The Street was a stepping mill for Chetan during Harley-Davidson

CarandBike: You were concerned in a Street plan right from a beginning. What was your initial knowledge with H-D?

Chetan Shedjale: When we assimilated Harley-Davidson, Street was already in skeleton and we was hired privately for my pattern skills and my denunciation skills. we can pronounce Marathi, Kannada, English and we pronounce really good Italian too. That was a and indicate given we was means to fly around a universe if they wanted me as a engineer to check something. And Ray in those days, wanted somebody who was prepared always, rather than keep on seeking who would go, given all a other designers were busy. So, we was comparison for my Indian-ness too for a Street, to supplement that additional spice, if we will, into a Street project. we came into a association given of Street and after that we worked on other projects as well, though Street is a stepping mill for me in Harley.

CarandBike: What does a destiny hold?

Chetan Shedjale: There will be lot of models, work is going on, though we can’t tell we much. Like a CEO pronounced there will be 50 new models, so yes, there is work going on, though that’s all we can tell we for now.

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