In-car infotainment and pushing fuzz with Honda’s ‘Dream Drive’

Honda wants to spin time spent in a automobile into an event to shop, play, and get things finished —even if you’re in a driver’s seat. Honda calls this in-car knowledge a “Dream Drive.”

In a Honda Odyssey minivan, John Moon, handling executive of vital partnerships during Honda Innovations, showed off a new judgment height in a car’s infotainment complement for drivers and passengers. 

First on a motorist side is a custom-made Honda app for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Moon pronounced 2 million Honda cars already have a phone-connected infotainment systems in them. So this is a approach to offer a customized “Honda” knowledge on those screens.

The app, done in partnership with automobile AI height ConnectedTravel, is mostly focused on voice hunt that helps users find parking, gas stations, make reservations, or sequence food. Partnerships with Grubhub, Atom Tickets, Chevron, iHeartRadio, Parkopedia, Phillips 66, and Yelp feed into a app.

It’s a really identical interface to Apple’s CarPlay, focusing on a multiple of hold and voice. “Voice is ideal mode for a car, though we consider a combine of both works most better,” Moon pronounced as he asked a complement to “Find parking in Las Vegas.” Parking garages came adult by a Arrive parking height and he pushed a “Reserve” symbol on a initial listing. That pulled adult a remuneration shade where credit label info was plugged in and once he indifferent a mark a digital pass was afterwards accessible on his phone.

The Honda-made complement was not primarily ostensible to be surplus with apps and services already accessible on your phone and infotainment system, though given it is, Honda is integrating a rewards module to inspire some-more use of a platform. For each diversion we play or food smoothness we sequence from Dream Drive, we acquire Honda points or coins, that are afterwards redeemable for real-life rewards during places like AMC film theaters, Airbnb rentals, or CVS drug stores.

The console shade displays a app.

Image: bridget bennett / mashable

Parking pass acquired.

Image: Bridget bennett / mashable

“Brought-in tech” (aka tablets and smartphones) are an approaching partial of a newcomer knowledge during this indicate — generally with kids, so Moon’s group grown a interrelated use that works with a built-in tech hardwired into a car. You can even control a car’s meridian settings from a Honda app.

A connected inscription brings outward tech into a automobile experience.


Mixed-reality games from Octonauts and Lego have an AR feel and know you’re in a car. You pierce along with a automobile float as partial of a game. Moon says eventually a building like a Stratosphere could “become” a hulk palm tree or an underwater coral reef.

Honda has charcterised comics, movies, and other media options on a app from partnerships with DC, Entercom/, a LEGO Group, Silvergate Media and a Octonauts team, and Univision Music. It’s operative to make a games and videos optimized for a automobile experience, though Honda’s not removing into film or video diversion prolongation any time soon, Moon assured.

Playing with a Lego diversion on a go.


All of this is building adult for an unavoidable unconstrained automobile experience. “This competence be a usually approach we correlate with a automobile since a automobile is autonomous,” Moon pronounced about a connected app. The  Dream Drive in-car height isn’t here yet, though it’s entrance together as some-more media and business partners get involved.

Until then, a Grubhub app on your smartphone will need to be your process to sequence food delivery. Darn.

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