I’m pushing 6 basketball players to practice: minivan or SUV?

As a basketball coach, we am mostly carting adult to 6 children and apparatus to games and practices. I’ve seen news reports about three-row SUVs though still consider minivans competence have some-more room. My bill is adult to $50,000. What do we say? – Jeff

Richardson: You wish to lift 7 people, presumably sincerely long-legged, and sports equipment? Don’t even consider about a three-row SUV. A minivan is your usually option, other than a propagandize bus.

Lightstone: Now reason on a second here, Mark. You’re being presumptuous. Let’s keep in mind that we played basketball in high school, and even now, we can simply fit into a third quarrel of an SUV.

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Richardson: Sure we can. But if you’re sitting behind there, there’s no room for luggage. It’s one or a other with SUVs. The chair backs of a third quarrel can be lifted to emanate seats, or laid prosaic to emanate luggage space. But when they’re lifted for seats, there’s hardly room for a basketball behind them.

Lightstone: That might be loyal of some models, though Jeff needs to check out a Chevrolet Traverse, that will lift 7 adults and has an considerable 651 litres of bucket space behind a third row, and that includes a 22-centimetre storage space next a bucket building (for even some-more equipment). Oh, and it sits good within his $50,000 bill for a well-equipped model.

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2016 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ.


Richardson: Seven adults? They’ll still need to be flattering tiny adults in a unequivocally back. Third-row seats generally find their space by sacrificing leg room and those basketball players are going to have their knees adult opposite their chins. Minivans, however, interjection to their prosaic floors, that aren’t lifted high to fake they’re rock-climbing SUVs, have as most room in a behind as a front, with luggage behind.

Lightstone: So we don’t like a Traverse?

Richardson: It’s a good SUV and it’s good value for income – no evidence there. It unequivocally depends on how most time Jeff spends carting around 6 other people. If he uses a automobile as his daily driver, with occasional use as a people mover, afterwards maybe a Traverse will work for him. But it sounds like he wants a bus.

Lightstone: Fun fact: The Traverse can indeed chair 8 people, though usually in a cheapest trim. Pay additional and a second quarrel is usually sole with a span of chairs, putting it behind down to 7 people.

Richardson: And if we wish a scrupulously powered Traverse, with a V-6 engine, all that weight is going to give we an central total fuel expenditure of during slightest 11 litres/100 km. But if Jeff is pushing mostly in a city and he buys a Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid instead, he’ll be down to an central 7.3.

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Lightstone: The Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid does good in a fuel-efficiency and interior-space departments, though not on a cost point. Not unless Jeff is shopping a hybrid in Ontario, that will hit $14,000 off a starting cost of usually reduction than $45,000 for a bottom model.

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2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.


Richardson: You’re right. The hybrid Pacifica usually unequivocally creates financial clarity in Ontario, with that large rebate. And a hybrid keeps a batteries next a floor, so there’s no space for Stow ‘n Go seating that tucks divided flat, that is a outrageous offered point.

Lightstone: Don’t forget a suburban tarnish of owning a van. Yet, minivans are impossibly unsentimental and are usually as pleasing to expostulate as cars and maybe even some-more so than SUVs. And while we still consider an SUV such as a Traverse could lift off a basketball kids-plus-gear lifestyle, if it’s a outpost we wish to recommend, I’ll always go to a Honda Odyssey first.

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2018 Honda Odyssey


Richardson: Fair enough. Honda’s been creation a reward minivan for years and removing it right with each generation. It’s costly if we bucket it up, as with a Pacifica, though Jeff can expostulate divided with a easily versed Odyssey for reduction than $50,000 after taxes.

Lightstone: He’ll have room for people and equipment, and it even includes a built-in opening cleaner during that mid-trim level.

Richardson: That’s usually a gimmick. But Honda’s never had a vital problem with a Odyssey, so it will reason a value for a prolonged time. It’s a protected gamble all around.

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