Ian Livingstone on a new Volvo XC60

Volvo for me is a code that has come a furthest.

It’s not that it came from so distant behind. It’s some-more that a products have leapfrogged many competitors in terms of peculiarity and technology. No longer a tedious Swede whose cars would exist while we died of boredom.

This new Volvo is an superb car. The build and peculiarity is each bit as good as a German rivals, a float and expostulate are superb and it incorporates some sorceress technology. For city driving, hybrid is apropos a must. It’s not only a ecological certification or reduced taxes – variety indeed expostulate better, save fuelling trips and are some-more careful to drive.

So how does this Volvo demeanour and feel? The Swedish designers have got a interior only right and with glorious levels of build and refinement. The R trim that we tested had alcantara-trimmed sports seats that gave high levels of support and comfort. Cool aluminum sum are everywhere and there are good touches like a start stop switch that resembles a tiny square of jewellery. Its Scandinavian cold meets a MacBook Air. Internal space for those of us with kids and dogs is some-more than adequate and given a outrageous breathtaking roof feels intensely roomy.

Ride peculiarity is good and a automobile achieves that surprising change of sporty doing with a gentle float and an supernatural ability to slip over civic bumps. But what unequivocally sets this automobile detached is a understated looks and performance.

Put your feet down in hybrid or energy mode and a automobile takes off facilely mixing electric energy and petrol. Acceleration and opening are unequivocally conspicuous for a comparatively complicated car. Put your feet down and not many will keep up. A slight disastrous is that as we go faster a petrol engine cuts in feeling a small severe compared with a well-spoken free hybrid drive. In hybrid mode, driven carefully, we managed to get around 20 miles from a assign nonetheless that declines fast as we put your feet down.

Internally a instrument cluster and executive control row are during once easy to use and technologically advanced. Rather like a initial time we get an iPhone, a complement is discerning and it’s easy to control even a many formidable functions. All a functionality of a automobile is laid out in an easy to see and use format.

Volvo is of march famous for a pioneering reserve systems and a XC60 doesn’t let we down and we won’t be crashing into any elks this side of Christmas. In commander support mode we primarily found myself shaken with a feet staid over a stop pedal yet as we gained certainty we found that a complement worked good and took a vigour off a driving. The automobile simply brakes for we and also maintains stretch between we and a automobile in front.

Of course, we need to stay warning and a complement has shortcomings in town. Given a speed of technological advances yet it can’t be prolonged before this becomes some-more efficient. If there was an alleviation to be made, it would be that a complement would reset after braking. In city it’s a unchanging occurrence and could make a pushing knowledge easier. Interestingly, notwithstanding being a penetrating motorist we found that we missed a support mode when we went behind to my bland automobile but automation.

Verdict. Top of a class. Great float peculiarity and safety.

Build quality
Hybrid power
Safety features

Slightly severe engine note underneath acceleration
Price of some versions

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