I Took My Mom to Her First Track Day and She Loved Every Minute of It

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My mother, Jodi, has always been a good sport. She was a good competition when I, a teen who unequivocally usually favourite NASCAR and had no enterprise to learn how to expostulate a manual, kept stalling her first-generation Mazda Miata in a parking lot. She was a good competition years after when we embarrassed her during a drag strip, and when we went off-roading together in triple-digit Texas heat.

I figured it was my spin to start profitable behind a favors.

Mom, who now has a current-generation Miata, has always been a fan of cars and gets sceptical of a things we get to do during work, like spasmodic pushing fun cars on competition tracks. (Most of this pursuit is creation phone calls to dealerships that expostulate patron Mustangs off of cliffs or whatnot, yet it has a moments.)

Because of that, I’d been formulation an forgive for a “Bring Your Mom to Work Day” that usually so happened to coincide with a lane day for a while, yet a right event never arose—the organisation indispensable to be tiny adequate for us to carve out time to film a video, and a lane indispensable to be within reasonable pushing stretch from where we live.

Those dual things never interconnected up, until Fiat Chrysler reached out.

FCA pronounced it was hosting a lane day in Dallas a integrate of months ago, with Skip Barber Racing School instructors and a Fiat 500 and 124 Spider Abarth models. Mom begged for vacation time on her busiest workday of a week, and off we went for what incited out to be a windy, cloudy day during a lane that put so many knots in my uncontrolled hair that I’m still operative them out.


FCA had both involuntary and primer transmissions on site, yet mom, being mom, wouldn’t brave hold a disease that is a automobile but a purchase pedal. That meant we stayed in a same turbocharged, 164-horsepower 124 Spider roughly all day. That was so alright with mom that she even wanted to take one home to park beside her Miata by a finish of it.

We had a blast, as usual, and she usually shoved me out of distrurbance once—a poignant alleviation over removing smacked in a teeth with a H2O bottle, that happened last time we had a video camera and a Jalopnik plan on us.


That’s fine, though. I’d pound me in a teeth with a H2O bottle, too.

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