I Need A Fun Upgrade From My 20-Year-Old Camry! What Car Should we Buy?

Jonathan changed from New York City to Los Angeles a few years ago and bought a 1998 Camry for $1,000. It was a intelligent and obliged move, though a aged Toyota is display a age it’s time for something new and fun. What automobile should he buy?

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Here is a scenario:

In 2014, we changed from New York City to L.A. with no pursuit and a parsimonious budget. That led me to buy my friend’s – and previously, her grandma’s – 1998 Toyota Camry for a cold $1000. It served a duty perfectly, though now, as it approaches a 20th birthday and a resources of fixes that seem cost inefficient, I’m looking to ascent to something with some-more celebrity though is still reliable.

The final automobile we gathering before this Camry was a beat-up Plymouth Sundance America from a 80s. we gathering that in high school, so basically, I’ve never in my life had fun in a automobile and I’m extraordinary as to what that feels like.

I’m open on a physique style, though we need 4 doors for some practicality and we can finally spend some decent income on a automobile and have a bill adult to $25,000. I’m looking for something with personality, fun, and style, though given we have to understanding with LA trade it needs to have an involuntary transmission.


Quick Facts:

Budget: adult to $25,000

Daily Driver: Yes

Location: Los Angeles

Wants: Fun, Style, Somewhat practical

Doesn’t want: Nothing too unreliable, a primer transmission

Expert 1: Tom McParland – This Is So Easy, Yet So Hard


Jonathan, that Toyota has treated we good for a while and we gamble it could substantially go another 100,000 miles though we carrying to put many into it. But as efficient as it is, a Camry is not accurately fun. Since we have some income to spend we should suffer life even if many of it is spent station still on a LA freeway.

There are a ton of good choices in your cost operation and I’ll be honest, we unequivocally wanted to contend get a Volkswagen GTI. we have one and we would contend it’s a best commuter automobile we can buy for someone that wants something fun, practical, and pretty priced. But I’ll acknowledge a VW doesn’t unequivocally have many in a approach of character so maybe something with a bit some-more aptitude would work.

You should get a Mini Cooper. The two-door chronicle looks better, though if we insist we can get one with 4 doors. Pay a small some-more for an S indication as it will give we a bit some-more punch for flitting and hoop improved in a corners. Here is a used 2018 Cooper S, four-door for underneath $24,000. While Mini doesn’t have a best repute for trustworthiness a newer versions seem to be holding adult sincerely well, and this automobile should have copiousness of guaranty left. They also have a plain involuntary gearbox for you, given manuals are no fun in LA.


Expert 2: Mack Hogan – Stay In Your Safe Little Toyota Bubble With an IS F

Listen, Jonathan, you’re vital in a bubble. The Camry has introduced we to a protected small universe wherein we don’t have to worry about your automobile given it’s milled from plain Boringium that will never break, squeak, or tumble apart. In a genuine world, life isn’t so easy. That’s because we wish to keep we protected in a visionary land of Toyota, where cars don’t try to harm you.


Don’t worry, we can stay in your burble and still have fun. Enter a Lexus IS F, a automobile built accurately for this mission. Filled with high-quality leathers and plastics meant to exist many astronomical bodies, a IS F has all we adore about Toyota peculiarity and reliability. It’s also got 4 doors, an involuntary delivery and a semi-modern oppulance interior for a days you’ll spend sitting in LA traffic.

Most importantly, however, it has a 420 horsepower V8 prepared to be unleashed when we make it adult to a canyons. An assertive physique pack and singular wheels assistance remind people that your IS came to play, as does a illusory empty note from a naturally-aspirated energy plant. Most IS F’s are closer to 30 grand, though we found a nice-looking instance outward of LA for $25,399.

Expert 3: Jason Torchinsky – Time To Class Up Your Act


Jonathan, let’s face it, your automotive story has been about as stylish and fun as a habit consisting of zero though load shorts and t-shirts with things like FUN RUN ‘04 and TEAM BUILDING EXPERIENCE! printed on them. It’s time to inject some much-needed character into your pushing life, and we consider we can do that, reliably, practically, and cheaply. With this.

Yes, we need a classical 1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 wagon. This one is a turbo diesel, a 300TD, that means it won’t be as miserably delayed as a normal diesel ones. Plus 5 cylinders! These are really stylish cars, with a classical demeanour that still turns heads today, and are as unsentimental as hell. Four doors, a good sized automobile area, this will do all we need.

This one looks to be in illusory shape, and, remember, these were oppulance cars, so they’re involuntary and gentle and a good place to lay in miserable 405 parking lot-like traffic. Plus, these cars were mechanically bulletproof, and are substantially some of a many arguable classics we can drive.


It’s usually $7,500! Sock divided $5K of your automobile income into a correct account and go suffer a rest! After years of Camry driving, you’re going to feel like a goddamn king in this. You’re welcome.

Expert 4: Patrick George – Embrace Your Fast


“I’ve never in my life had fun in a car.” Jonathan, that’s a saddest thing I’ve ever review on this website, and we revise David Tracy on a daily basis. We’re going to repair this and get we squared divided here.

Tom doesn’t consider a GTI is a right answer, citing “style,” though we can’t consider of a improved one for you. we consider it’s a right pierce for you. Coming from your Camry, it carries tons of practicality and adds a 220 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine that will feel like a rocket engine by comparison.

And it has Volkswagen’s DSG, one of a best involuntary gearboxes we can get in any car, regardless of price. we consider you’re going to expostulate this and be blown away. And while VW’s trustworthiness historically hasn’t been Toyota Camry good—that’s a high bar—they have gotten better, and you’ve been in tedious cars so prolonged we consider we should only contend fuck it and go for it.


You can find copiousness of GTIs for around $25,000 or less. Stick to a stream MK7 era car, that has been around given 2015. Here’s a four-door nearby you with a opening package and underneath 30,000 miles for $23,998. Get it and don’t demeanour back.

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