I Have So Many Questions About The Theft Of Agro’s Car – BuzzFeed

2. OK, now that you’re adult to date, let me tell we that we have not been means to stop meditative about it given we watched it 7 mins ago. we have so many questions about this crime. Like:

1. How many suspects could there be for a burglary of an Agro car?

2. Is a Agro collectible marketplace so large that we can’t slight it down?

3. Has anyone seen Anne Maree lately?

4. What about Terasa?

5. Where were those Cheez TV chumps during a time a automobile was stolen?

6. But also um, how does Agro, a puppet with no legs, expostulate a car?

7. Did a automobile have insurance?

8. Why was it only in a front yard with no organisation if it’s so valuable?

9. What TV blurb was it used for?

10. And because was it in MELBOURNE?

11. Who ecstatic it from Melbourne behind to Queensland?

12. And, again, because did they only leave it in a front yard?

13. How most military time is this holding up?

14. How are military “trying to find” confidence footage, like, don’t a know if they have confidence footage or not?

15. How did they find Agro?

16. Did they only call him adult and tell him they mislaid his car?

17. Was Agro unequivocally agro?

18. Wait, does he, like, live with a gourmet couple?

19. Is this some Misery-type situation?

20. Like, where has he been for a final 15 years or whatever?

21. Is it poignant that these people live in DECEPTION Bay, hmmmm?

22. Agro, do we need help? (Blink twice if we do.)

23. Does Wendy’s still make Agro ice cream?

24. Do small kids even know who Agro is these days?

25. Is it time for Agro to theatre a comeback?

26. Is this all partial of his comeback?


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