I Don’t Know How This 1987 Toyota Camry Only Has 39,000 Miles, though You Should Buy It

My favorite genre of used automobile is “super normal, bland automobile that has suspiciously low miles and is inexplicably in extraordinary condition.” And this 1987 Toyota Camry on Bring a Trailer is accurately that. It usually has 39,100 miles and one of a nicest aged Camry interiors I’ve ever seen.

It’s tough to consider of a automobile some-more normal and entire than a 1980s Camry—or unequivocally any Camry, to be honest. They’re occasionally interesting, though they’re always constant workhorse family cars. They’re meant to be driven, and they are. No one goes out of their approach to safety these things a approach they would with a high-end sports automobile or whatever.

Which creates me consider this Camry was recorded some-more by accident. My theory is this Colorado automobile was owned by an comparison chairman who substantially gathering it to church on arise and not most else, and also done certain to do all a slight maintenance. Regardless, it’s intensely surprising to find a 31-year-old Camry with a same mileage and condition as a recently new franchise turn-in special today.


This sold automobile has all a amenities any Camry owners could wish or need: A four-speed automatic, a new timing belt and H2O pump, 14-inch steel wheels, a back defroster and a good blue interior. If usually it had a primer instead of a slushbox.

It’s all utterly poetic and a take if it goes for anything tighten to a as-of-this-writing cost of $3,200. It’s not perfect; it has a integrate dents here and there, and a bumpers are flattering faded. But it’s a damn Camry, what do we expect?

You have approximately 6 hours and change from when this story was posted to put in a bid. I’m not certain this courtesy will blow adult a price—it’s not an air-cooled 911, after all—but we do wish it’ll go to a estimable home.



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