I am freaking out about this year’s Geneva Motor Show

There are automobile shows, and afterwards there is Geneva.

This is a uncover of a state of a automotive art, a place where automobile companies flex their muscles and give us a clarity of what it looks like when both engineering and pattern are pushed to a angled boundary of present-day technology. It is, to be crass, a pissing contest.

And what a stately pissing competition it is.

Last year, a Geneva International Motor Show gave us a drop-dead gorgeous Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6, the Ferrari 488 GTB, a surreal Koenigsegg Regera, and the unequivocally final Bugatti Veyron, usually to name a few. This year’s party, that starts during a commencement of subsequent week, promises to be even some-more of a spectacle. It will be anchored by historically poignant launches — launches your grandchildren will review about in a big, costly coffee list books, or however it is they devour calm a few decades from now. VR goggles or holograms will substantially be involved, if we had to guess.

Basically, I’m freaking out during a monumental (and maybe even a small intimidating) list of announcements we’re expecting. It’s going to be a genuine provide to see this things live on a uncover building starting on Mar 1st — though in a meantime, we need a lie sheet.

Don’t worry, we got you.

Bugatti Chiron


If we had to boil Geneva 2016 down to a singular proclamation — which, admittedly, would be a ridiculously formidable ask — the Chiron would be it.

The Chiron is a inheritor to a Veyron, an iconic hypercar that was categorically designed to be extreme by each measure: horsepower total into a 4 figures, sixteen cylinders, 4 turbochargers, a tip speed that can be pretty totalled in fractions of Mach (0.33, to be exact). The Veyron was intentionally unreasonable, a rocket boat that corporate primogenitor Volkswagen could reason adult as an chaste prize of a engineering dominance.

Thing is, a Veyron wasn’t as chaste as anyone primarily believed. Although a Veyron Super Sport still technically binds a Guinness record for fastest prolongation car, a Hennessey Venom GT is widely accepted to be faster — and Bugatti coronet has even acknowledged that a Venom is assisting to keep things “interesting.”

In other words, Bugatti has had to double down with a Chiron in an bid to make it the hypercar to finish all hypercars. It has already secretly shown a automobile to impending buyers, who’ve snapped adult a vast commission of a car’s whole prolongation run — so there contingency be something good behind a velvet rope. We’ll know many some-more soon.

Aston Martin DB11

Of Aston Martin’s present-day models, a one temperament a “DB” moniker, a big, unapologetically lush GT coupe, has a many story behind it. (Think James Bond and a mythological DB5.) So when there’s a new DB coming, it’s kind of a vast deal.

We don’t have many sum on a DB11 yet, detached from a fact that it replaces a aging DB9 (the “DB10” name was taken adult by the Spectre judgment car, of which only a singular instance was auctioned off to a public). It also looks like it’ll have a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V-12, that should give a vast coupe copiousness of hustle.

Lamborghini Centenario

Nothing gets a blood pumping utterly like a new Lamborghini, given no one else can get divided with Lambo’s absurd pattern sensibilities. That’s doubly loyal with a marque’s singular editions like a Veneno, Egoista, Reventón, and Sesto Elemento — and now, we’re removing another singular indication to applaud association founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s 100th birthday.

Called Centenario, Sant’Agata’s latest supercar will positively be crazy, crazy limited, and crazy fast. Don’t worry cashing out your 401(k), given it’s already sole out — and it hasn’t even been denounced yet.



You might not be informed with Gumpert, a boutique German supercar builder that skidded along for a while, struggling to stay afloat for years until it was bought by a Hong Kong organisation in new weeks. But after Geneva this year, you’re substantially going to know a thing or dual about them.

Gumpert’s categorical charity was a Apollo, a large lane fondle that had adequate extract to give a world’s fastest supercars a run for their income in a mid-aughts. The Gumpert name is no longer, though a inheritor association — Apollo Automobil — is earnest that the new ApolloN will be a world’s fastest road-going car when it debuts subsequent week. That’s critical speak for a association that hasn’t constructed a singular automobile in several years, quite deliberation that a Chiron is debuting during a same show. We’ll see.

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera during Geneva Motor Show 2015

One of a stars of a Geneva uncover final year, Swedish supercar emporium Koenigsegg is behind in 2016 with a prolongation chronicle of a Regera, that promises to be one of a many over-the-top prolongation cars ever to beauty a road. (The association says that a latest indication has undergone some 3,000 changes given a 2015 debut.) Here’s a refresher: buyers will get a plug-in hybrid drivetrain with a total 1,500-plus horsepower between a engine and electric expostulate units; a “fully robotized” bombard with doors and physique panels that engine open and sealed automatically; and, yes, of course, Apple CarPlay support. Company owner Christian von Koenigsegg has never unhappy with his new models, and we wouldn’t pattern him to start now.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

The infrequently named GTC4Lusso is Ferrari’s deputy for a FF, one of a some-more unsentimental prancing horses in new years — if we can unequivocally call a two-door “practical.” Like a FF, a GTC4Lusso is a sharpened brake, a comparatively singular physique character that is best described as a hire automobile and a coupe crushed together into one stately package.

Besides a pattern modernise and a somewhat some-more absolute V-12 underneath a hood, a GTC4Lusso’s vast explain to celebrity is four-wheel steering — a back wheels can spin somewhat to assist in handling, which, when interconnected with a all-wheel drive, accounts for a “4” in a car’s name. It’s already been announced in full, though we’ve nonetheless to see it adult close; Geneva will be a live debut.

Morgan EV3


At a glance, the EV3 looks like was sent brazen in time from a early partial of a final century — though demeanour a small closer. Classic meets cutting-edge with Morgan’s latest model, that takes a British automaker’s iconic three-wheeler and replaces a two-cylinder engine with a 75-horsepower electric motor. (That doesn’t sound like much, though when we cruise how light a little automobile like this can be, it’s plenty.) The EV3 was initial announced final year, though during Geneva, Autocar reports that we’ll see a “near production-ready” chronicle of it.

And that’s usually a beginning

There’s so, so many more. We’ll finally see Hyundai’s Ioniq, an honest-to-goodness Toyota Prius aspirant that’ll be sole globally. There’s a sporty Alpine Vision concept. McLaren’s road-friendly 570GT. The prolongation chronicle of the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar. A new Bentley Mulsanne for a unusually wealthy. A hybrid chronicle of a gorgeous Lexus LC that we initial saw during Detroit final month.

I could keep going. But instead, how about we usually uncover you? Our group will be stating live from Geneva starting subsequent Monday, so stay tuned.

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