Hyundai’s self-driving fuel dungeon cars finish a record highway trip

Three of a cars were glossy new Nexo SUVs (such as a one above), while a other dual were some-more informed Genesis G80 sedans. They were also showcases for mobile tech, with 5G inside for backseat intelligent home control, discuss bots, streaming media and video calls with health consultants.

Is this a broadside stunt? You gamble — Hyundai doesn’t design to commercialize Level 4 cars until 2021, with entirely unconstrained models nearing by 2030. Most of those will expected be pure EVs, too. And when 5G networks are just removing started, we wouldn’t design in-car gigabit information for a prolonged while. Still, this helps denote that driverless cars aren’t singular to brief city jaunts.

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