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Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover concept

Hyundai North America will entrance a new automobile or lorry subsequent month, Mike O’Brien, a company’s clamp boss of corporate and product planning, told Car and Driver during a Detroit automobile show. “We will be rising a new automobile [at a Feb automobile show] in Chicago,” O’Brien said, yet he declined to give sum on a stirring product.

He did, however, stifle a hopes that it would be a prolongation chronicle of the Santa Cruz concept, a renouned mid-size pickup a Korean automaker denounced dual years ago in Detroit. “It’s not a Santa Cruz,” O’Brien said. “Hopefully we’ll have something to share with we shortly on that.”

Some kind of lorry or application automobile would assistance Hyundai’s product portfolio, and Chicago has been famous as a place where automakers exhibit incomparable vehicles. Press preview days for a Chicago automobile uncover are Feb 9 and 10.

A Daily Headache

Hyundai’s U.S. new-vehicle sales grew for a seventh true year in 2016, circumference adult 2 percent during 775,005 units. Like other automakers, though, Hyundai saw loss seductiveness in a mainstream automobile models such as a Elantra and a Sonata. Among a automaker’s cars, a usually ones to post increases in 2016 were the Accent subcompact (up 30 percent to 79,766 units) and the oddity Veloster (up 24 percent to 30,053). Among a SUVs, the Santa Fe posted an 11 percent increase, to 131,257 units, while sales of the Tucson grew 41 percent, to 89,713 units.

So there’s most intensity for expansion when it comes to Hyundai’s trucks.

“That’s my daily headache,” O’Brien said. The association simply does not have a prolongation capacity. “We could boost sales of a Tucson dramatically if we had some-more production. We could boost a Santa Fe Sport volume significantly with some some-more production. We could boost a long-wheelbase, three-row Santa Fe significantly . . . with some-more production,” he said. “So, for us, it’s all about a stairs it takes to get that additional prolongation and investment in place.”

It’s not such an easy task, when deliberation generational commitments of a whole product line, he added.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover concept

Still “Excited” for a Santa Cruz

Meanwhile, a association is still “excited” about a intensity for a Santa Cruz, O’Brien said. “We’re operative really tough on a project,” he said. “We’re operative as tough as we can to make it happen.”

O’Brien done it transparent that a Santa Cruz is not a 100 percent certainty. “But it creates all a clarity in a universe for us, for a lot of reasons,” he said, including a miss of a pickup lorry on a marketplace that can grasp 30-plus miles per gallon.

O’Brien pronounced a trend of millennials gravitating toward civic centers also argues in preference of a Santa Cruz. He envisions immature professionals spending their weeks during bureau jobs in a city and afterwards throwing kayaks or bikes in a behind of a compress lorry for a weekend event with Mother Nature. “They don’t need 7000 pounds’ value of towing. They don’t need a large automobile that’s formidable to scheme and park,” he said.

Even in a truck-happy United States, gas-sipping mid-size pickups are still an anomaly, and Hyundai wants to get a Santa Cruz right. “With a truck, it’s all about proportion,” O’Brien said, observant that deriving one from a automobile height can outcome in peculiar styling. Hyundai clearly considers a Santa Cruz to be some-more like a automobile than a full-size pickup and seems to bashful divided from a thought of a judgment even being deliberate a pickup in a normal sense.

The pattern seen dual years ago is still intact, pronounced O’Brien, who is partial of Hyundai’s tellurian pattern committee. “And, still, that pattern is what resonates with a association and [Chung Eui-sun], our clamp chairman,” O’Brien said. “He wants that car.”
2017 Detroit Auto Show

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