Hyundai wants to take on Tesla’s Model 3 with the possess 250-mile electric car

Hyundai ioniqTech Insider/Aaron BrownThe Hyundai Ioniq during a 2016 New York International Auto Show.

Hyundai is a latest to burst in a reserve of automakers that are attempting a mass-production 200-plus-mile operation electric car.

Autoblog reports that Hyundai has set a idea of carrying a 200-mile electric automobile for 2018 and a 250-mile electric automobile for 2020.

If a automaker is indeed means to grasp that 2018 goal, a 200-mile electric automobile would be nearing only in time to puncture a feet into a marketplace and array itself opposite a power of a Tesla Model 3

The dual cars would come in further to a 110-mile Ioniq electric car that Hyundai showed off during a New York International Auto Show in March. The automaker betrothed smoothness of that automobile would start in late 2016.

This is all partial of Hyundai’s grand devise to sate a alternative-energy automobile market. In April, a association told Automotive News that it wants to have 26 electric, fuel-cell, and hybrid cars on a marketplace by 2020.

If Hyundai can grasp these goals, that it might be means to do, good for it. The some-more eco-friendly cars on a marketplace a better, if we ask me.

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