Hyundai Thinks The N Roadster Is A Joke, Doesn’t See Us Laughing

Hyundai’s thought of an April Fools’ Day antic is an N Roadster. The Korean company’s N opening multiplication common a digital picture on a amicable media pages and got zero though certain feedback, during a time of essay anyway.

The describe is indeed a integrate of months old. It’s sealed by YeonjoonPark, who has illusory what a suppositious Mazda MX-5/Fiat 124 Spider opposition done by Hyundai N, would demeanour like.

It has a prolonged hood, side atmosphere vents behind a front wheels, twin empty tips incorporated into a back diffuser, vast wing and imagination LED taillights assimilated together by a light strip.

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Whenever a dual occupants don’t feel a need to demeanour during a sky above, they can pull a symbol and a two-piece tough tip will cover a cockpit, nonetheless a soothing tip would substantially be better, given it would keep a weight down.

All in all, a pattern looks sparkling and we wouldn’t mind seeing it on a road. Unfortunately, outward a anticipation realm, this shred is too diseased (in sales), these days, so it’s a tough call convincing Hyundai bean counters to flare out a required supports for investigate and development.

Unlike a front-wheel expostulate i30 N, i30 N Fastback and Veloster N, this would need to be a rear-wheel expostulate model, and that means possibly entrance adult with a new substructure or if possible, bettering an existent one from a organisation (i.e. from a Genesis G70). On tip of that, a framework would need to be reinforced to assistance it cope with a open tip styling.

On a some-more certain note, a Korean competence aim aloft than a tiny roadster, as a Genesis code could come adult with a supercar, or during slightest that’s what reports have claimed in a past.


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