Hyundai Saga Electric CUV Revealed: Sports Kona Electric Hardware

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This time, a Saga is electric.

Hyundai presents during the Sao Paulo Motor Show a new judgment indication – a Saga EV – that turns out to be versed with Kona Electric goodies (64 kWh battery and 150 kW electric motor).

The all-new character of a Saga EV was designed by Hyundai Design North America in Irvine, California. It previews a Hyundai HB20X crossover (i20 Active).

According to news from Brazil, a prolongation electric CUV formed on a i20 could be prepared for a internal marketplace as early as 2019.

Hyundai Will Satisfy U.S. Hunger For Kona Electric

What Car? Real World Range Test Put Hyundai Kona Electric #1

Hyundai Kona Electric A Better Deal Than A Tesla?

Hyundai Saga EV spec:

  • 64 kWh battery for 470 km (292 miles) of range
  • 150 kW electric motor
  • 0-80% recharge in 54 minutes

Source: Motor1

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35 Comments on “Hyundai Saga Electric CUV Revealed: Sports Kona Electric Hardware”

Looks like they took a Bolt EV and combined cladding.

and good paint

Yet somehow, is vastly some-more efficient.

How do we know?

Well if it’s like a Kona afterwards it’s over a second slower 0-60 when a Kona is in sports mode. And a integrate of seconds slower when in normal mode. The Bolt isn’t reduction fit a usually tunes differently. In certain we can baby a Bolt and get identical mileage as a Kona.

I’m flattering certain EPA cycles don’t give a damn about how quick a automobile can accelerate…

Bolt EV is allied potency to Kona, or close
Maybe a bit reduction aerodynamic so hurts highway rating. Bolt EV is 128 city, Kona EV is like 132, so 3%. Tires could make a 15% difference.

Exactly what we came here to say. This pattern *looks like* it was directly copied from a Bolt EV. Now hopefully they’ll urge on a bad screens in a Hyundai and Kia EVs. Got to during slightest compare a 10in, comparatively aloft fortitude shade in a Bolt EV. A good designed infotainment complement matters to me and, so far, GM did a most improved pursuit to my eyes.

The Korean automakers will be a categorical rivals of Tesla once ICE starts to fade. Their things is good!

Yes. I’ve been harping on this for some time.

In Hyundai and Kia we have companies (or one company) that understand an inducement to pulling tough on EVs. It’s a possibility to broach themselves a net certain benefit by hidden some-more from a foe than from their possess ICE products.

Unless one of a Legacies creates a intolerable proclamation and march change (I’m looking during you, Honda, Toyota, and Ford), a new Big Three energy structure in a automobile universe is moulding adult to be: Tesla, H/K, and VW, with Nissan and GM as second-tier players.

Disruption, indeed.

Hyundai/Kia positively seems to be some-more critical about their stream correspondence cars than their competitors — though they have nonetheless to announce any skeleton to emanate a dedicated BEV platform, or sell BEVs in suggestive numbers. I’m flattering certain when several bequest makers start removing critical BEV offerings to marketplace in large numbers some 2 – 3 years from now, Hyundai/Kia won’t be anywhere nearby a top…

If Hyundai puts a same bid into a BEV specific height as they did into their drivetrain dubious offerings, suppose a results!

I am not certain if VW is that most forward of Nissan and GM in EV’s.

I consider they competence be about a year ahead, with a initial MEB-based vehicles attack a marketplace in early 2020, while it seems like Nissan and GM won’t have their next-gen platforms prepared before 2021 or so. Not certain either that creates most of a difference…

Something that’s lot slower than comparably labelled gasser is NOT good. Hyundai’s categorical opposition is Nissan now that Mitsubishi iMiev is no longer made.

iMiev was never in a race. Hyundai beats Nissan in efficiency, range, ride, facilities and recharge times.

Let’s see when 2019 Leaf is out given Kona isn’t accessible until 2019. we think Leaf will be identical to Hyundai while being cheaper, both slower than Bolt.

The Kona is out in other markets. The Leaf isn’t out anywhere.

Cladding check
Future tail lights check
Lexus griddle check
Sticky out tires check


Aerodynamic Inefficient SUV physique character check…
Extra 500 pounds of weight mined from 10 of thousands of pounds if not hundreds of thousands of pounds from a bad small towering in a SUV to especially pierce one chairman check…
Large rims and tires augmenting rotating mass to drag down effiency check…

Ok good all prepared for sale in America…
Check please…

I unequivocally wish Hyundai skeleton for aloft volumes with this model.

I20 and I20 Active are really renouned models for Hyundai in India. Kona is rumored to make a Indian entrance in 2019. Hope they move this Saga EV as well.

Looks because improved afterwards a Kona

Hyundai/Kia is going to make it formidable for me to reason off purchasing an EV before a Model Y is available….but that’s a good thing!

A good looking small EV. But instead of putting out all these judgment vehicles because can’t Hyundai start prolongation of their collect adult lorry they have been earnest for many years? I’ve been watchful for this lorry for years. So, Hyundai, get off your butts, and build a Santa Cruz.!!!!!

$5 says if it creates it to production, it will be a correspondence vehicle.

You usually need one correspondence automobile not mixed ones…
Any make creation mixed block in offerings has left above a correspondence levels…

Well, I’ll tell we this, if it’s not going to be sole in Pennsylvania, it’s a correspondence automobile to me.

Who did we gamble $10 that it wouldn’t be?

The front reminds me of a shark dude from Lilo and Stitch.

That being said, we like it. Looks improved than a Bolt.

Looks like a using shoe with wheels.

Heelies? Lmao

A outpost chronicle would b great,seems in nz business are initial to means ev .thumbs adult to Hyundai

Instead of putting a “Kona electrics” into a Saga, Hyundai would be improved served by putting them into some-more Kona’s and shortening a UK 42 week smoothness watchful list!!

I theory some people competence switch their order? In a end, it’s some-more applicable how many they make in total, not how many opposite models…

I get some i20 WRC vibes from this. we like it. Let’s wish it gets a smarter front splitter than that.

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