Hyundai Creta Pickup Coming to Brazil in 2018

According to a news from Car and Driver Brazil, a Creta pickup has been authorized for prolongation and will arrive in 2018. That means it will arrive even earlier than a Santa Cruz, that will be a bigger brother.

We have full certainty that a Creta lorry will entrance in 2018, given a Sao Paulo automobile uncover isn’t until November. So technically, a prolongation automobile won’t be prepared until 2019.

As we’ve pronounced in a new story, a Kia KX3 and Hyundai Creta are obliged for a 70% boost in a sales of a dual companies. They are kind of a large deal, even yet you’ve never listened of them.

The pickup will be formed on a existent height and built locally in Brazil, only like a Fiat Toro and Duster Oroch. We have no sum about a powertrain, though it should be FWD and powered by a four-cylinder ethanol engine.

We’re so assured about a Creta lorry function since there’s already been a judgment dual moths ago. It was mean, immature and with a beach vibe. Hyundai called it STC, brief for Sport Truck Concept, and it looked really small like a tangible Creta.

The investigate was 4.65 meters long, 1.85 meters far-reaching and 1.63 meters tall. Though many of those measure will change, a 2.8-meter wheelbase seems adequate. By comparing it to a unchanging Creta SUV‘s specs, we find that it’s 38 cm wider and has a 21 cm longer wheelbase.

Check it out and tell us what we think. But remember, there’s no approach this will ever come to a States. In fact, it’s too uncanny for some of a other rising markets where a Creta is sold.

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