Hyundai considers ‘significant’ plant upgrade


According to Automotive News, Hyundai Motor Co. has named William Lee halt boss and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. Lee has hold several care roles for a past 35 years with a automaker. The appointment, announced Tuesday, comes a day after a prior CEO of Hyundai Motor America, Kenny Lee, left a position, after usually over a year in a job, and returned to Korea to take on an advisory role. Hyundai pronounced a pierce will concede for an “efficient and effective operational formation between a North America and U.S. operations.”

The conduct of Hyundai Motor Company pronounced in an talk published this month that Montgomery’s plant is being deliberate for a vital expansion.

The association wants to ramp adult a non-sedan offerings in a SUV-hungry North American market, though a stream prolongation line in Montgomery can usually hoop 3 models. Right now, dual of them are sedans — a Sonata and a Elantra.

“Within (the current) 390,000 sum prolongation capacity, if we wish to furnish 4 or 5 models, we need additional investment to cgange a prolongation line,” Hyundai Motor Co. CEO Wonhee Lee told Automotive News. “If we supplement pickup prolongation in a U.S. plant, we have to deposit a poignant volume of money.

“We can supplement dual some-more (vehicles), one SUV and one pickup. We can furnish a next-generation Tucson during a U.S. plant. And a Santa Cruz semi-pickup lorry is a derivative. So, maybe we can furnish those dual models.”

Even if it’s green-lit, such a pierce could be years away. The next-generation Tucson isn’t scheduled to arrive in a United States until 2021.

And even if it happens, a plant might not supplement as many jobs as it has during past expansions. Lee told Automotive News that a association sees no need to boost altogether prolongation ability during a time when a automobile attention here isn’t growing.

“Our sales aim is also roughly prosaic for a subsequent few years,” he said. “Three or 4 years later, maybe we can make a certain decision. But right now, we trust we don’t need to enhance a prolongation ability of a U.S. plant.”

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama built 36,800 vehicles in October, a many they’ve constructed in a singular month in some-more than dual years.

The plant sets a monthly prolongation report formed on play orders and sales targets that are dual or 3 months away. In October, that meant operative dual Saturday shifts to keep adult with demand. That means dealers design a clever commencement to 2019.

Workers during a plant put in another Saturday change in Nov to keep a line rolling forward of a Thanksgiving holidays.

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The redesigned Santa Fe was combined to a prolongation line in Jun as partial of a pull by a association to change a prolongation brew to stress crossovers and SUVs. At a same time, a association denounced a devise to build an engine conduct prolongation plant here and supplement 50 jobs as partial of a $388 million expansion.

Those changes came after a plant had spent months negligence down a line and laying off proxy employees as sedan direct fell.

Since switching adult prolongation during a plant, a association has posted year-over-year sales gains for 5 of a final 6 months, and SUVs now make adult scarcely half of all Hyundai vehicles sole in North America.

The plant employs about 3,000 people, and a network of suppliers occupy thousands some-more opposite Alabama.

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