How many Tesla Service Centers will be indispensable once Model 3 arrives?

This week on Teslanomics, Ben Sullins drills into a information supporting the series of Tesla vehicles sole over time and a enlargement rate of Tesla Service Centers, in an bid to improved know how Model 3 could impact a peculiarity and speed of use Tesla is means to yield moving forward.

Ben took throng sourced information published at the Tesla Motors Club forum which enclosed a series of use centers combined by Tesla any quarter, plus the series of Tesla vehicles sole by entertain for any region, and forsaken it into a spreadsheet for analysis. By overlaying a apportion of Tesla Service Centers over a series of swift vehicles combined over time, Ben was means to investigate a rate of growth, for each, and establish how they compared relations to one another.

Breaking down a information by segment suggested that Tesla had been relating adult new Service Center installations with vehicles sales. First, a dual enlargement metrics have historically matched adult really closely. This creates clarity since Tesla has patron reservation data, discernment to sales and deliveries, and can improved know where Service Centers are needed. Tesla is well aware of a imminent inundate of Model 3 vehicles to come, and continues to scale out construction of its Service Center teams.

Finally, Tesla continues to mangle a mold of normal automotive manufacturing by looking over earthy use centers. Tesla has had a mobile Ranger Service group accessible for years, behaving teenager repairs in patron garages, workplace parking lots, and identical remote locations.

Looking towards a future, Tesla skeleton to utilize a Ranger Service for as many repairs as possible. According to Tesla, 80% of services are so teenager in inlet that they can be achieved remotely.

“Ahead of a Model 3 launch, we are re-engineering and expanding a operations as we expect a needs of a most incomparable family of Tesla owners. In service, given some-more than 80% of a repairs are so teenager that they can be finished remotely, we are expanding a mobile correct use that allows Tesla to make car repairs during an owner’s home or office. In February, we non-stop a 168,000 block feet car smoothness core in Hong Kong; and we devise to accelerate enlargement of a Supercharger network this year, starting with doubling a series of North American Supercharger locations in 2017.”

To get a improved bargain of either this is all fume and mirrors, or if there truly is piece behind a curtain, Ben drilled into a series of Tesla use pursuit postings which he also plotted by region. The map shows utterly a extended placement of jobs opposite a globe.

Whether or not Tesla will be means to broach peculiarity service, and during a reasonable cost forward of Model 3 production, is anyone’s guess. But, so far, research by Teslanomics seems to indicate to a successful ramp adult of use offerings to come.

Check out a full video next and let us know what we consider about Tesla’s ability to use a masses after Model 3 comes online.

How many Tesla Service Centers will be indispensable once Model 3 arrives?

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