Honda (Acura) NSX vs Nissan GT-R drag competition shows a beauty of electric motors

There was a time, not so prolonged ago when we could put a Nissan GT-R opposite any kind of supercar and not remove income if we gamble on it winning by a vast margin

But times have changed. Don’t get me wrong, a GT-R still wins a lot of drag races, even opposite a Tesla Model S P90D, though infrequently new tech can be too most for it. For example, a Honda NSX (Acura in a US) has 70 to 100 hp reduction than the GT-R (500 hp versus 570 or 600, depending on a GT-R’s version). It also has around 10% reduction torque, but it’s a hybrid, and this shows immediately after a start of CarWow’s race when a present torque creates a difference.

Yes, a start could have been improved for a GT-R. Yet, there’s no surrogate for present torque, and a disproportion in energy didn’t assistance a GT-R come behind in time.

Anyway, we already have plenty of models to select from if drag racing batch cars are your thing. But both a NSX and a GT-R are also really efficient when driven on circuitous roads, and a NXS has been recently updated to NISMO specs, so the story is not over yet. Just look during it flapping during 189.5 mph (305 km/h), and we will know that simply going quick in a true line is not what creates a automobile great. 

WATCH MORE: the Honda NSX meets its iconic predecessor and another NSX races a GT-R in Laguna Seca

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