History Channel highlights Whiting automobile show

Frankie Valli belted out “Big Girls Don’t Cry” as waves of people flooded Whiting’s ancestral 119th Street to take a gander during a glossy paint and chrome of Cruise Night.

Count on Whiting to take it adult a nick by welcoming History Channel’s camera crews to film a initial partial of a new array “Volo, House of Cars” and providing ideal continue for a fire Wednesday.

The array will tell ancestral tales about vehicles from a Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Ill. The Auto Museum showcases and sells gourmet cars. The Whiting partial will demeanour during journey cars and enlightenment and includes a storyline about a Disney Bus parked and on arrangement in a lot only off 119th Street.

“When we had a possibility to emanate a story line for a initial episode, it done clarity (to come to Whiting). The Grams brothers from a Volo Museum are here to buy cars,” pronounced Julian V. Taylor, co-executive writer for a series.

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