Here’s Why The New Honda Civic Type R Doesn’t Suffer From …

We bay a adore for Honda’s new front-wheel expostulate beast with a famed Type R badge. One of a reasons Honda got a 2017 Honda Civic Type R right; engineers totally reworked a car’s front cessation in an bid to discharge torque steer. We hatred torque steer, so that’s a really good thing.

Thanks to Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained, we now know accurately what Honda has finished in an bid to revoke a throttle’s change on steering angle. In comparison to many FWD cars, Honda’s non-R Civic included, a new CTR has pushed a steering geometry serve out into a wheel, shortening something called “Scrub Radius.” Put another way, where many steering systems will stagger a tire on an arc, a Type R has been engineered to focus a tire around a core point.


We’re now smarter and some-more good sensitive for carrying watched this video. Besides, Fenske executes one of a many reasoning and easy to know demonstrations of this car’s miss of torque steer, BURNOUTS!

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