Here’s The Window Sticker For A $264,649 Aston Martin DB11 Volante

All picture credits: Justin Westbrook

I’m not customarily one for convertibles, though for a 2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante, I’ll make an exception. It’s a neat and pleasing appurtenance with a ominous V8 soundtrack to boot. Aston Martin usually sent me a plaque (aka a Monroney) for a press loaner we had over a weekend. Care to have a demeanour with me?

The DB11’s gas mileage was, for miss of a improved word, hilarious. Aston Martin quotes it to have a total rate of 20 miles per gallon. we don’t know what it indeed was, as we was stranded in hoards of NYC trade this weekend, though we felt like a gas sign eternally review that we were during half tank. Even after fill up.

Photo: Aston Martin

And afterwards we get to a options. Stupidly, we suspicion that there wasn’t many some-more we could hook on tip of a automobile that already has a sell seeking cost of $216,495. “This isn’t a Porsche!” we laughed to myself. How goddamn wrong we was!

Here is a window sticker, in all a glory:

Photo: Aston Martin


After nearby $50,000 in options, a final cost of my loaner came to $264,649.

The Bang Olufsen audio complement sounded genuine good, though was it $8,330 value of good? we don’t consider so. I’ve got a good V8 to listen to. But, afterwards again, this is a same association that will sell we a span of in-ear headphones for $249.

And $1,595 for red stop calipers. Dude, if we get a wheels off for me, I’ll facade adult a stop discs and a rest of a automobile and mist paint that shit for we myself. And I’ll assign we a fragment of a price.


It also came with a unequivocally good powerful strapped in a trunk. It was a solidly made, quality, double-ribbed powerful with “Aston Martin” and “Made In England” created on a brushed aluminum handle. $295. Cool.

I am impersonation outrage, of course. It’s an Aston Martin. Of march even a many simple things will be noted up. In fact, a usually thing that triggered any arrange of genuine indignation was a cost of a piano black trim.


We’ve ranked interior trims before and piano black fell somewhere in a middle. But we didn’t write that story. If we had, we would have stranded piano black where it belongs: Dead last.

It looks excellent right after it’s been cleaned, though so many as brush opposite it with a finger and boom! A smeary fingerprint right there. It gets soiled unequivocally quick and feels inexpensive when we hit on it.

There was an upsetting volume of piano black in a Aston. It ran along a core console, opposite a doorway panels and lonesome a behind of a front seats. The cost of a piano black trim inlay? $2,690. The cost of a piano black chair backs? $1,675. Good elimination and good night.


The DB11 Volante is a pleasing car. Its bulb are beautiful, too. At this point, we would be excellent with usually about anything. Even, like, stone. Just use something other than piano black.

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